An Artist in West Sandalfoot

From reader Abby Dworkin Diab, about an artist living in West Sandalfoot aka Watergate Estates:
Those who pass by Stephen Lombardi’s home on Sailfish Road have been treated to an ever changing array of brilliant fine art displayed in the east facing windows. What many do not know is that the showcase is only a small sampling of the work which graces the walls inside. His home has been literally transformed into a museum quality gallery, he possesses no furniture and doesn’t want any, just space to hang beautiful paintings.
When asked when he knew he was an artist, Stephen says, “as a young boy, the joy that I felt scribbling with crayons brought ideas to my mind that blended nature with the unlimited possibilities of my imagination, it was obvious then.” His work, which he calls Visionary Surrealism, is truly unique and inspired. He depicts invented characters such as Sapien and the Colored Man on a mystical journey meeting a wide variety of both imaginary and realistic friends, animals and plant life along the way. Most of his paintings contain hidden messages, faces and other recognizable features nested in the shadows waiting to be discovered by the observer. The longer you look at one of these paintings, the more you see.
A self-taught artist, Stephen’s works have been exhibited in major cities across the country, Boston, Manhattan, Phoenix, and San Antonio to name a few. Currently he has pieces on display at the Boca Raton Artist Guild Gallery, where he is the Gallery Technician responsible for arrangement and hanging of all shows, and at the Linda White Gallery where he does the same. Stephen is available to do custom murals, oil paintings or art instruction, his personal gallery is open to the public.
The Boca Raton Artists Guild Gallery is at 512 East Atlantic Ave, the Linda White Gallery is at 354 NE 4th Street, both in Delray Beach. For a look at Stephen’s body of work click this link or call 508-341-8071 to arrange a viewing at his home gallery in West Boca.
Additional works sent to us by Mr. Lombardi are below:
Rhino Soul, 60 x 48 inches, oil on canvas is on display presently at the Boca Raton Art Museum’s Artist Guild Gallery on East Atlantic in Delray
Keziah, 32 x 28 inches, oil on canvas is on display at the Linda White Gallery in Artist Alley, Delray their 3rd Thursday Art Walk is tomorrow night 6 to 10 p.m.
40 x 30 giclee prints of this work are available.
Rainbow Seed, 40 x 30 inches, oil on canvas
Elephant Soul, 60 x 48 inches, oil on canvas

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