Winter Concert at West Boca High

On December 9th, the West Boca Raton High School Vanguard performed another outstanding concert, proving that their Superior rating isn’t just for show. For the whole performance, around an hour and a half, most of the seats in the auditorium were filled with students, families, parents, and staff. The concert was full of festive, seasonal music and powerful, contemporary songs, helping kick off this holiday season.
The performing groups were West Boca’s Percussion Ensemble, directed by James Davis, (playing Troika and Carol of the Bells), West Boca’s Symphonic Band, directed by Larry Shane, (playing Air from County Derry, Hanukkah Highlights, Chand a Jubilo, and Deck the Halls with Old Composers), and West Boca’s Wind Ensemble, also directed by Larry Shane, (playing Carmina Burana, A Chanukah Celebration, Chester Overture, and A Christmas Festival).
One of the most remarkable songs was the Wind Ensemble’s finale, A Christmas Festival. This recognizable song was composed by Leroy Anderson and can be seen in countless Christmas themed movies and performances. This song serves as a symbol for the coming of the holiday season, and, as director Larry Shane said, “You know it’s good because it’s played in Publix.”

Author: Warren Redlich

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