Dinged Wings in Coral Springs

This weeks’ restaurant inspection starts off with a Coral Springs wings restaurant that got dinged with over 20 violations. Closer to home three West Boca restaurants had 10 or more violations each. The bright spot is a small place on 441 in Boca that had a perfect inspection.

Inspectors seemed to focus on the Sandalfoot area this week.

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Not a great week for Wings N Ale; image by Google

Wings N Ale in Coral Springs had the worst inspection of the week 24 violations, 4 of them high priority. They didn’t keep their license up, their food storage temperatures were off, some food was kept over 7 days and more.

  • Operating with an expired Division of Hotels and Restaurants license. – License has been expired since December 01, 2018 **Admin Complaint**
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. On 4/15/19 WALK IN COOLER At 11:55am.- cooked chicken wings 53F, salad dressing portions 48F, sliced cheeses 47F, sliced turkey 47F. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 53F. On4/15/19 WALK IN COOLER At 1:05pm.- cooked chicken wings 50F-51F, salad dressing portions 46F, sliced cheeses 46F-47F, sliced turkey46F-47F. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 53F-54F.
  • Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food marked with a date that exceeds 7 days after opening/preparation.
  • Toxic substance/chemical improperly stored. – Spray bottle of disinfectant on prep table and not labeled. **Repeat Violation* **Repeat Violation**

The three not-so-great inspections in West Boca were for La Casa de Peinado on 441 near Sandalfoot (13 violations), China Wok in Sandalfoot Square (10 violations) and Tulip Mediterranean near Home Depot (10 violations).

Casa de Peinado was keeping potato salad and beet salad at temperatures near 80 degrees instead of the required 41 degrees. China Wok had a vacuum breaker problem, and their fried rice had to be thrown out for improper temperature. Tulip had problems with their dishwashing machine and had an expired license.

Other inspections were pretty good. Orient Garden on 441 had 4 violations. Thick and Thin Pizza in Sandalfoot Square had 3 in a licensing inspection. The new Greco on 441 near Sandalfoot had just 2 minor violations.

The best inspection this week was for Kingdom Acai on 441 near the Sandalfoot Cumberland Farms. They were perfect – zero violations.

As usual our spreadsheet for the week is below.


Author: Warren Redlich

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