Crime Report: Drugs, DUI and Child Abuse

Earlier this month there were incidents involving West and East Boca residents, including a resident of Boca West who was caught with heroin and cocaine, and a teacher from East Boca charged with child cruelty.

Colby Skurnick (35) of Boca West was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Trespassing of Property.

Skurnik was sitting in a vacant lot of a property owned by Delray Beach CRA, which contained many No Trespassing Signs, when police noticed Skurnik throwing a lit cigarette into the grass and a black bag from her left hand. The bag contained a crack pipe and a box of cigarettes. After the arrest, both heroin and cocaine were found present in the bag. Skurnik was arrested on September 7th, but later released on the 12th. Skurnik has also been arrested for Domestic Battery in 2018.

Carl Monaco (34) was arrested for Possession of Paraphernalia and Loitering and Prowling. He was seen by Boca Raton police behind several locked and closed businesses at night on September 7th, and was caught with cocaine. Police easily recognized him due to his history of burglary, robbery, and other loitering incidents.

He was stopped near Dixie Highway and police found cocaine in his pants pocket. He was arrested on the 7th and has not been released. His reported address is homeless in East Boca.

Alejandro Leon (22) of Sandalfoot Cove was arrested for possession of drugs after police noticed a smell of marijuana in the vehicle he was a passenger in. The traffic stop occurred after midnight, and the driver consented to the search.

Police also said Leon was “extremely talkative, avoiding eye contact.” After searching the vehicle, police found three pills of Xanax. Neither occupant of the vehicle admitted to the drugs, so it’s a bit unclear if the prosecution will be able to prove constructive possession. But they probably can.

Leon recognized the deputy from past criminal investigations, and the report notes an “extensive criminal history” in Connecticut. Leon was arrested September 4th, but released two days later.

Ahmed Shokry (27) of Mizner Pointe was arrested by FHP on the Turnpike for DUI on September 2nd. The vehicle was stopped about 35 miles north of Glades Road. Police recognized a strong odor of alcohol coming from Shokry, and noticed his eyes were glassy and dazed. Police performed a sobriety exercise, in which Shokry failed. He was first under arrest for the suspicion of driving while under the influence. After supplying a breath sample (first one was 0.130 and second one was 0.129), he was finally charged for a DUI. He was booked and released on September 2nd.

It’s not clear from the affidavit if they have proof Shokry was driving. It indicates that a sergeant made the stop but that sergeant’s report is not included. Depending on the sergeant’s career it may be difficult to get her to court, so Shokry may be able to beat the charge.

Mizner Pointe is near the Boca Rio post office.

Mark Obeid (33) of Boca Pointe was charged with battery on a person 65 years or older on September 4th. Obeid had previous health issues and is a recovering drug addict. Obeid has become angry with his father about two different incidents, which led Obeid to yell at him and push him into a china cabinet, causing lacerations on his right arm. Mark was arrested on the 4th and has not been released since.

There isn’t much criminal history for Obeid, but he was charged for grand theft in 2013, which he was also arrested for on the 4th. He also had three pending warrants at the time of this arrest.

Michael Meador (40) of Boca Chase was charged with battery on an officer, resist on an officer, and trespassing on September 2nd. Meador was in Sandalfoot Plaza, specifically in the Turn3 Bar, when he was asked to leave multiple times by the manager. Meador said he wanted to deal with police, instead of taking the easy way out and leaving the first time. When an officer pulled him outside and handcuffed him, Meador started to kick the officer’s abdominal area and hit the chest area. He was booked and released on September 2nd.

Jamie Rosenberg (42), a teacher who lives in the Hidden Lake section of East Boca, was charged with child cruelty on September 2nd. Rosenberg’s 16 year old child was with friends when this happened, and she had refused to do homework. Rosenberg reacted maliciously and said she should “kill herself, not worth anything”.

Rosenberg then grabbed her by the hair and held her down, took cleaning spray and sprayed it in her mouth, hit her face repeatedly, and bit her arm. The friends broke up the fight. Rosenberg was arrested on the 2nd and released the next day.

Hrvoje Posavac (42) of East Boca was charged with burglary on September 4th. Posovac and another man entered the victim’s hotel room and claimed the victim of the crime owed money to Posavac and one other person. They threatened the victim and punched him in the face and in the left rib cage. The victim had no visible injuries.

Surveillance video showed Posovac took a bag from the hotel room after the victim left the room with the other guy.

Court records show 26 cases for Posovac including multiple felonies dating back to 2004 and a two-year stint in state prison.

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