Asian Malaise: Restaurant Inspections

Two popular Asian restaurants in West Boca top our inspection report this week with double-digit violations. We just ate at one of them a few days ago.

The best inspection this week was for a high end restaurant near Town Center Mall.

Bamboo Wok and Pho Boca, next door to each other on Glades near Lyons, had the worst numbers in this week’s inspection report. We just ate at Pho Boca (and still like it).

Bamboo Wok was reported with 16 violations, 1 high priority. It’s arguably the best take-out Chinese food in Boca, so we won’t let this one bad inspection stop us from ordering there.

The high priority violation was:

Food-contact surfaces not sanitized after cleaning, before use. Do not use equipment/utensils not properly sanitized. – Chest Freezer used as prep table has heavy soil and food debris build up.

Similarly Pho Boca had 14 violations, 2 high priority, and we’ll keep going there.

The worst of it for Pho Boca was:

Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse. COOK LINE (Cold Table) – meatballs 72F-82F, tofu 67F, spring rolls 49F-pork 49F-62F, chicken 45F-52, COOK LINE (Undercounter) – noodles 45F, AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 45F

The rest of the inspections were better. Butcher Block Express on Camino Real had 7 violations, 2 high priority with an adminstrative complaint (usually that means paperwork).

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in Shadowood had 5 violations with 3 high priority:

  • ood-contact surfaces not sanitized after cleaning, before use. Do not use equipment/utensils not properly sanitized. – Soft Serv Sangria Machine heavily soiled between front working parts. May not have been sanitized for close to a month. See Stop Sale
  • Stop Sale issued due to adulteration of food product. Santeria and Margarita Mixes approx 4 Gal Total
  • Vacuum breaker missing at mop sink faucet or on fitting/splitter added to mop sink faucet. – rear EXTERIOR.

We used to love that place but it seems like it has gone downhill just a little.

Tap 42 at Boca Center did okay with 4 violations. Chen’s Yokohama at Boca Lyons Plaza (Glades & Lyons) had 3 violations.

Fresh on Congress and Denny’s on Palmetto Park Road had 2 violations each.

Just south of the border on 441, All Star Pizza in Coconut Creek and Los Bocados in Parkland had 1 violation each.

This week’s winner was Season’s 52 near Town Center Mall, with a perfect inspection – zero violations.

Our spreadsheet for this week is below:


Author: Warren Redlich

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