Florida Man Attacks Ice Cream Truck – Lakes at Boca

Corona virus causes Lakes at Boca man to attack Ice Cream truck. Battery in Century Village, Loggers Run, and Woodfield; DUI on Clint Moore in West Boca for a Polo Club woman, and an innocent woman charged with DUI in East Boca; an East Boca robbery; and an East Boca youth points a gun at a cop in an unmarked car.

Here’s one we haven’t seen before. Jaymes Chigos (39, Lakes at Boca Raton) allegedly attacked the ice cream man who was driving his ice cream truck through the neighborhood.

PBSO received a call that a man was threatening the ice cream man with a tire iron. Apparently Chigos was enraged that the ice cream truck was going to “spread corona-virus to the kids.”

Chigos was caught on video by a juvenile witness entering the ice cream truck while screaming profanities.

We see some court history for Chigos, the worst of which is a few old marijuana cases.

Joseph Barrelli (30, East Boca) was arrested for strong-arm robbery after he ordered the victime to “empty his pockets” when the victim refused to give him a cigarette.

The Boca PD affidavit doesn’t provide much detail about how Barrelli “strong-armed” the victim, other than that the victim was in fear of harm.

Court records show a public defender motion to determine Barrelli’s competency, as he was in a mental health unit in a psychotic state and did not appear to acknowledge the defense lawyer’s presence.

We see only minor priors for him.

Leon Freimour (63, Wolverton subdivision of Century Village) was arrested for felony battery on a bicyclist in the community.

The story goes that the bicyclist was riding between Wolverton and Yarmouth when Freimour and two others were in his way. He beeped his horn but they did not move out of the way, and the bicyclist fell onto the grass.

Freimour then started yelling and cursing at the victim. When the victim stood up, Freimour pushed him down onto the concrete. A maintenance worker verified the victim’s version of the events.

The victim was injured and bleeding. Freimour was charged with felony battery on a person over age 65.

Freimour had an aggravated battery case in 2017.

Mariya Sobnina (46, Polo Club) was arrested for DUI on Clint Moore just west of the Turnpike. The deputy wrote that Sobnina’s Chevy was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes when she collided with a Toyota SUV.

Sobnina registered roughly 0.14 on breath testing. We see no priors for her.

Matthew Tannenbaum (32, Woodfield Country Club) was arrested for battery against his father. Dad was telling Matthew to adjust his sleeping position to prevent acid reflux.

Matthew responded by placing his father in a choke hold, used an arm bar to take dad down to the bed, and kicked dad in both the groin and the knee.

The virus lockdown is really starting to get to people. Oy vey.

We see no priors for Mr. Tannenbaum.

Pierre Khalil (32, Sandalfoot Cove) was arrested on an out-of-county warrant. We were not able to find the underlying offense, and we see no significant priors for him.

In another father-son dispute, Patrick Cahill (25, Winding Lakes I in Loggers’ Run) was arrested for battery near the family home. Dad says Patrick pushed him onto the couch and punched him in the face twice. Mom showed deputies a video of that, but refused to forward the video to them.

We see no priors for Cahill.

Susan Beladi (63, East Boca) was arrested for DUI on Federal Highway after an accident. She registered 0.000 on breath testing, twice. After the police theory that she was drunk fell apart, they did a urine test. We see no result for that yet.

Despite her apparent innocence, her mugshot was nevertheless put out on the internet and the charge remains pending. That’s not particular to Boca PD. It’s common practice in the state. We think it’s wrong. No one cares though.

She has no priors.

Hidden Valley’s Terrance Ippolito (23, East Boca) was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm.

The former Palm Beach State student works at Grieco Chevy as a technician.

Boca PD was investigating car burglaries after midnight in the Hidden Valley area on and near Texas Trail (east of I-95 north of Clint Moore / Jeffery St.). One officer observed Ippolito’s VW GTI hatchback and suspected it was the pickup vehicle for the car burglars who had been seen on foot nearby.

As the officer pulled up behind the VW, Ippolito stuck a handgun out the window pointing generally at the officer, and then sped off.

Another officer stopped Ippolito who admitted having a gun and pointing it at the officer. It appears the officer had never activated his lights and was in an unmarked vehicle, so Ippolito would not have known he was aiming at a police officer.

We see no priors for Ippolito.

Author: Warren Redlich

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