April 21st, 1962 until June 12th, 2022

Steve Redlich

Steve Redlich was born in New York on April 21st 1962.

By the time he was three he had a predilection toward building things, whether it was a vehicle, motor, something out of wood,  or electronics.  He was gifted in math and in his senior year of high school got a perfect score on his math SAT’s.  He was an accomplished skier, biker, general athlete and chess player.  He graduated from University of Rochester and was immediately hired by Hughes Aircraft Company; later Raytheon Technologies.  He worked there as an Electrical/Radar Systems Engineer and was respected by his colleagues for his insight into the most difficult challenges.  It is known that people around the world are safer now because of the myriad of contributions Steve made to defense projects. 

Steve was quiet and introspective but had a great dry but subtle sense of humor. Often he would say something extremely witty and everyone would burst out laughing.  

He was happily married for 30 years and was devoted to and loved by his family. 

He died in Inglewood California on Sunday, June 12th 2022 after a short but catastrophic illness.   He is survived by his wife Vivienne, his son Joshua, his mother Rita Redlich and his brother Warren Redlich.  A memorial service was held in his honor on June 16, 2022.  It was attended by family, friends and colleagues from all around the world.

 He will be missed.

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