1. Cathy L

    I understand the need for something to go there, it is unsightly and overgrown and is not aesthetically pleasing to that corner, but this sounds like way too much. Why another movie theatre, there is one across the street, and do we really need more housing with all the homes GL are building in the area! They can construct a few things but a little back further and with green space and nice landscaping on the corners, I think that would be fine.

    • Nan

      I agree, why overcrowded this area due to greed and additional investment properties. Hey, here’s a good idea…build further down on 441 after Clintmoore as this will eliminate an overflow of traffic in an already overpopulated Glades area filled with consumer traffic and deadly accidents with tie-ups. If you build it, they will come.

  2. Jason P

    This is absurd. There’s already a theatre, grocery stores, an abundance of housing, and plenty of restaurants within less than a mile of here! There is no sensible reason for this other than to stuff more money into the pockets of those that are already excessively”well off”. Why not add real value to the community by building a park or some type of community area?

    This area is clearly over developed already and the last thing we need is to pack more people into it. Thanks, Burger!

    • Taxpayer

      “BUILD A PARK!” Ahh, the usual response from the anti-development crowd. You forget the fact South County Regional Park is right down the street, and older ones like Sandalfoot Cove and Veterans Memorial are in awful condition. Also, as a former farm, the property likely is loaded with toxins from pesticides, and only a developer has the money to clean it.

      • Jason P

        I’m not anti-development, but this doesn’t add value to my area. It will only crowd it even more and in turn ultimately reduce overall quality of life in addition to home values. I don’t see anything wrong with adding another park or community center. It does more for the community than encouraging people to participate in more retail therapy or plopping them down in front of more screens.

        Terms like ‘Jew Compound’ show that you’re just an ignorant troll that gets off to offending others. I’m sorry that you’re so damaged…

        I’ve been here for 30 years so I know there was another movie theater across the street back in the ’90s. It got shut down for a reason.

        • Taxpayer

          You fail to refute my points and go on with the same ill-informed and folksy assumptions, thus adding no value to this conversation whatsoever. Also, excuse me for not being politically correct about land which pays zero taxes, while an adjacent parcel can’t be redeveloped into something appropriate for what the land is worth, and pay taxes for your beloved parks.

          The movie theater closed because General Cinema Corporation went bankrupt. It was not shut down.

  3. Holly Sdoucos

    Add to that the proposed building on the golf course property and we who live in West Boca will be stuck in traffic going two miles per hour. No no no

  4. Naid quintela

    R u kidding, we have enough traffic and apartments on 441!! To build bird housing that a is a shame! We don’t need a other movie house, food shop, we need a green space so ppl can enjoy, young and old. How about a nice book store so ppl in the west don’t have to go all the way East. No more traffic!!!

  5. FeedupwBoca

    This is a lame excuse to shove more unecessary, tiny and overpriced “housing” behind overcrowded plazas. This plan really needs revising. Movie theater size looks pathetic with everything squeezed, concreted over and forced in. Glades will be even more useless than it already is w overcrowded and underfunded schools unable to support. So tired of this privatized and negligent “money first” behavior…may have to get out of here soon 🙁

  6. Craig

    This is an absolutely TERRIBLE idea. As if Glades Rd isn’t packed enough. People moved out of the North East to AVOID traffic and now a beautiful place like Boca is going to be just as money hungry and selfish to squeeze that many people in that small area. Think about HOW MANY CARS will be coming from people living in that complex alone!!! Also – the article doesn’t mention but are these low income housing as well?
    Either way it’s a TERRIBLE IDEA and will cripple that area with traffic FOREVER!

  7. Susan sabatino

    A West Boca Community Center would b wonderful. We had one when I lived in Coconut creek. It has a gym, activities, movies, camp, etc. we need a place to gather not another commercial area. All it will do is add more congestion to an already deeply congested area.

  8. Jose Rodriguez

    I, totally agreed. Not need for Movie thearer and commercial sites. We had enough at 441@Glades and sorrounding areas. I bet not far from today some developers will probably want to do something at the lot next to Best Buy. I hope not!!! just keep everything the way it is. Right now we have the best A+ school district in the county and all these new apartment projects are going to ruin all that . Les’t all call and do something about it. We the people deserve to rule about our area.

  9. johnny haas

    Just called Berger’s office – spoke with staffer named Janet (very polite) who said they’ve gotten a lot of emails today on this. If anyone here hasn’t contacted her office, please do. Let them know you are against this. Get others (fam, neighbors etc to call/email as well). Numbers matter – Janet was obviously taking a tally. Thanks Warren for giving us the info!

  10. John

    There is Crocker Partners and other developers plan to build as many as 2,500 condos and rental apartments near the Town Center mall on the west side of Boca Raton, Palmetto Promenade will feature 378 residential units. These are just 2 projects, there are more residential places being built. WHERE are all these people going to WORK??

  11. Taxpayer

    Newsflash people! Another theater existed where LA Fitness is years before you all came. The theater proposed in this development is a more upscale alternative to the trashy Regal across the street. I’d imagine it will be redeveloped too, especially as Best Buy and Old Navy are spiraling to bankruptcy. Also, the Jew compound south has buildings of comparable height. Unless we build more 90s-style suburban sprawl out into the Everglades and actually risk flooding, higher density urban infill redevelopment is the only way to allow the community to proper. It would be nice to see a landscape plan and renders ensuring Mizneresque architecture, but nothing yet to this plan is final.

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