What’s Selling in West Boca? 33498 August

Below are specific reports by neighborhood covering home sales in July of 2019, along with current homes listed for sale. We previously wrote about home sales in the first half of 2019.

Boca Isles

Boca Isles sign; image by Google.

Ten homes sold in Boca Isles this July, with three in Boca Isles North and seven in Boca Isles South. That’s a busy month compared to twenty-two sales in the first six months.

The highest price was $720,000 for 10864 King Bay Drive, a renovated 3200 square foot 2-story 5-bedroom with a screened-in pool and lake view.

10864 King Bay Drive; image by Google.

The next highest price was in Boca Isles North, with 19184 Cloister Lake Lane selling for $665,000. It has 5 bedrooms in 3100 square feet.

Three more sold over $600,000, all in Boca Isles South. With 5 bedrooms each, 20029 Palm Island Drive sold for $657,500 and 10938 Bal Harbor Drive sold for $630,000. The 4-bedroom, 2900 square foot 19652 Biscayne Bay Drive sold for $615,000.

Three homes sold in the mid-$500K range, and two more homes sold below $500,000. The bottom was 19652 Biscayne Bay Drive at $450,000.

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Inventory is up in Boca Isles with 21 homes listed for sale (there were 18 last month). Only one house is listed over $700,000, a large (for Boca Isles) 6-bedroom with 3400 square feet all on one floor at 19239 Redberry Court. That’s in Boca Isles North.

At the low end three smaller homes (3 bedrooms with 2000-2100 square feet) are listed from $479,000 to $499,000.

Seven listings failed in the past 45 days, one expired and six canceled.


Saturnia entrance; image by Google.

It was a big month for Saturnia with six homes sold in July. That compares to only eight sold in the first six months of the year. The highest price, and the only one over $700,000, was 19565 Havensway Court at $775,000. The house has 6 bedrooms in 3500 square feet on one floor. It’s a cul-de-sac lot with a wide lake view.

Two 5-bedroom homes sold for $660,000 each at 19210 N Creekshore Court and 19090 W Two River Lane.

Three 4-bedroom homes sold between $550,000 and $575,000.

There are twelve homes listed for sale in Saturnia, down from twenty. Two are listed at $849,000, both on Natures View Court. Three more are listed at $749,000. The biggest bargain of those is 19219 N Creekshore Court with 5 bedrooms in over 4700 square feet. It has lots of updates and a screened in pool, but no water view.

All the other homes are listed at $659,000 or below. The low end listing is $499,500 for 19042 Skyridge Circle, a 4 bedroom with 2800 square feet.

Six listings failed in the past 45 days, 3 of them canceled and 3 expired.

Boca Greens

Boca Greens entrance from US-441; image by Google.

Only one house sold in Boca Greens in July. 10567 Fenway Place sold for $435,000 with 4 bedrooms in 2000 square feet. Twenty-two sold in the first half of 2019.

There are fourteen homes listed for sale at the moment with prices from $350,000 to $600,000. Six listings failed recently including four listings canceled and two expired.

The Shores

Entrance to The Shores; image by Google.

Three homes sold in The Shores at Boca Raton in July:

  • $585,000 – 18715 Ocean Mist Drive, 5 beds with 3400 sq.ft.
  • $526,000 – 11350 Sea Grass Circle, 3 bedrooms in 2800 sq.ft.
  • $515,000 – 11371 Sea Grass Circle, 5 beds in 3000 sq.ft.

There are four active listings at the moment, priced from $490,000 up to $609,000. One listing expired recently after 3 months on the market.

Lakes at Boca

18982 Adagio Drive sold for $400,000. Image by Google.

The Lakes at Boca Raton had a busy month with six sales, two of them at $400,000: 18982 Adagio Drive (4 bedrooms, 2700 sq.ft.) and 10532 Plainview Circle (3 bedrooms, 1700 sq.ft.).

The other four homes all sold for less, with the lowest at $307,500 for 10403 Sand Dollar Place, a small 3 bedroom with under 1300 sq.ft.

There are seven homes currently listed with 18618 Cape Sable Drive at $460,000. Four homes are listed at the identical price of $419,000, and two homes are listed under $400K. 10369 Islander Drive is the bargain at $365,000.

One listing failed. 18939 Red Coral Way expired after it sat on the market for a year without selling, and has relisted it. The owner has been trying to sell the house for over two years, sticking with the same Broward-based real estate agent. That choice might be an ethnic thing. Also the listing indicates it’s tenant-occupied which can make it harder to sell.

Boca Chase

Boca Chase West

Two homes sold in the western end of Boca Chase: 11080 Lakeaire for $385,000 with 4 bedrooms in under 2000 square feet; and 21291 Millbrook Court for $355,000 with 3 bedrooms in under 1700 square feet.

There are eight active listings in western Boca Chase. 18359 Coral Isles Drive is optimistically priced at $515,000. Two others are priced in the low $400Ks.

Four more are priced between $370,000 and $400,000, and one bank-owned home (foreclosure) is priced just under $300,000.

Boca Chase East

18360 103rd Trail S sold for $442,000 with 5 bedrooms in 2300 square feet; image by Google.

Three single family homes sold in the eastern half of Boca Chase, two in the low $400Ks and a smaller 3 bedroom for $365,000.

Two single family homes are listed for close to $400,000, and one townhome on Boca Way is listed for $285,000.


Two 2-bedroom villas sold on Lake Front Place for $190,000 each. That’s in Waterberry. There are ten units listed for sale with prices from $190,000 up to $325,000 for a single family home in Greenbriar.


It was a slow month with only one home sold in Stonebridge. 17713 Charnwood Drive fetched a pretty good price at $375,000. They had 20 sales in the first half of 2019.

There are 16 active listings in the community at the moment. Three listings canceled in the past 45 days.

Real Estate Update August 2019 – 33428

Homes are selling this summer and there are plenty more available for buyers. In this report we focus on zip code 33428 with neighborhoods including Boca Falls, Boca Winds, Loggers’ Run, Mission Bay, Palmetto Pines, Boca Springs, Boca Woods, and more.

We can’t cover every neighborhood so if we missed you please contact Warren to ask – 561-536-3645 or warren@westbocanews.com.

Boca Falls

Boca Falls homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

Boca Falls had 8 home sales in July with prices ranging from a low of $471,000 to a high of $690,000. The two lowest prices, both under $500K, were sales by foreclosing banks. Other than that the lowest price was $545,000.

21432 Gosier Way sold for $545,000, with 2700 square feet, four bedrooms, three baths. The home did not have many updates and has its original roof. Image by Google.
12221 Kenton Way sold for $690,000. The courtyard pool model has four bedrooms, four and a half baths in 3200 square feet, has many updates and waterfront. It appears to be the original roof.

Two homes sold in the high $600Ks. Four sold in the mid to high $500Ks.

There are currently 17 homes listed in Boca Falls – that’s more than usual – with four homes listed under $500,000 and another four listed over $700,000.

Four listings canceled in July, and there are four homes in pending or contingent status.

Boca Winds

Boca Winds homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

Boca Winds saw 8 homes sold, 4 of them in Ashley Park. Prices were: $515K, $475K, $455K, $370K, $365K, $365K, $340K, $333K

At the bottom end was $333K for 22668 Pickerel Circle (Ashley Park). The small house has 1400 sq.ft., four bedroom and two baths with some updates. The fourth bedroom is in the garage.

Best bargain may have been $365K for 22592 Middletown Drive. It has 1600 sq.ft., three bedroms and two baths, significant updates, waterfront, and the roof is only 14 years old.

Highest price was $515K for 22472 Tiki Drive, which has four bedrooms and two baths in 2000 sq.ft.

As with Boca Falls we see an increase in homes listed for sale. Fifteen are active at the moment. Six are listed under $400K. Five more are listed from $400K to $500K, and four homes are listed above $500K up to $539K.

There was only one canceled listing in July and no expired listings. It’s a good market for sellers with a lot of opportunities for buyers.

Loggers’ Run

Loggers’ Run homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

With a bit less activity for its size, Loggers’ Run had only 9 homes sold in July.

Three of the sales were Timberwalk townhomes for $259K to $280K.

For single family homes, one sold in just a few days in Country Landing I for $365K at 11420 New Village Place (three bedroom).

Two sold in Island Lakes at $535K and $545K. They’re similar, each with four bedrooms, two and a half baths and about 2500 sq.ft.

Three homes sold for over $600K, with two in Tamarron and one in Winding Lakes 3.

21502 Sweetwater Lane South sold for $677K. It has 5000 sq.ft., and five bedrooms.

22210 Woodset. Image by Google.

In Tamarron, which has large lots, 22210 Woodset sold for $670K, with 3300 sq.ft. and four bedrooms.

There’s still a lot for sale with nineteen listings. Four of those are in Timberwalk for $244K to $285K.

Two are listed in Tamarron for over $800K. Two more are listed in the high 600Ks in Winding Lakes II and III.

Two in Crystal Cove are listed at $599K each. Three are listed in Island Lakes for between $505K and $540K.

Three are listed in the low $400Ks, in Country Landings III, Cimarron, and Indian Head. Two more are listed in Country Landings III for under $400K.

Four listings were canceled and three expired in July. A ratio of seven failed listings to nine closed listings is a bad sign and indicates how important it is to hire a good real estate agent. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay homes sold (blue), for sale (green), pending (yellow) and other activity, all for July 2019. Image via FlexMLS using Google Maps.

Mission Bay had a surge of activity with fifteen homes sold, including thirteen single family homes.

Las Flores saw two townhomes sold for $305K and $281K, 1800 sq. ft. each.

Four single family homes sold under $400K inRegatta, Laguna, and La Costa.

20280 Hacienda Court in Cordova Estates. Image by Google.

Seven homes sold for prices between $400K and $500K. One buyer got a great deal on 20280 Hacienda Court in Cordova Estates, $480K for 2600 sq.ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bath all on one floor, with a 10 year old roof and lots of updates.

Two homes sold for $500K and up, $500K in Sonata and $535K in Regatta.

Mission Bay has eighteen homes listed for sale including three townhomes and seven listings in the Sonata subdivision.

Two in Sonata are priced over $500K. Three single family homesa are listed under $400K, with the rest listed in the $400Ks.

A large townhome in Las Flores is listed at $360K, while two smaller ones in Reflections $327K and $315K

Three listings expired in July and five canceled.

Palmetto Pines, Boca Springs and More

In the greater Palmetto Pines area, eleven single family homes sold plus three trailers and one villa.

Tudor Woods had three sales all close to $250,000.

Boca Springs had two sales at $382,000 and $390,000.

Six homes sold in the area in the $300Ks including two in Meadow Lakes Estates.

There are 31 homes listed in the area including two in Lexington Estates ($697K and $525K), six in the low $400Ks and eighteen listed in the $300Ks. Two trailers are on the market for around $180K.

Twelve listings canceled and one expired, another example where you can see the importance of hiring a good real estate agent. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645.

Boca Woods

Boca Woods had six sales close: One at $400K; two in the low $300Ks, and three more sold from $129K to $200K.

There are 26 homes listed for sale, six of them under $200K, and ten listed over $300K.

Five listings failed (canceled or expired) in July. Like many country club communities, Boca Woods remains a challenging market for sellers.

Palma Vista (between Home Depot and West Boca Medical Center) had two homes sell in July, one at $710,000 and another at $850,000. Walking access to the Jewish Federation campus is a big attraction for that neighborhood. There are no current listings in Palma Vista.

Avalon (behind Lowe’s) had no transactions in July. There is one home listed at $565K.

Real Estate Report 33498 – Mid-2019

This is Warren’s update on home sales in Boca Isles, Saturnia, Boca Greens, Shores, Boca Chase, Lakes at Boca Raton, and Stonebridge. Mission Bay is in Warren’s 33428 report.

Boca Isles: 22 homes sold in all of Boca Isles in the first half of 2019, 14 of them in Boca Isles North and 8 more in Boca Isles South. The average home took over 3 months to sell for $540,000 with four bedrooms in 2700 square feet. That works to $200/sq.ft.

The highest price was $703,000 for 19156 Cloister Lake Lane in Boca Isles North. It’s also the largest home sold at 3400 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

That price is something of an outlier. The next highest price was $626,000 for 10872 Tea Olive Lane, and only two other houses sold for more than $600K.

Six homes sold for less than $500,000, three of them under $450,000. The lowest prices were $425K for 10805 Maple Chase Drive (BI North) and $430K for 20113 Ocean Key Drive (BI South).

Most of the transactions (12) were in the $500K range from $515,000 up to $589,000.

10805 Maple Chase was also the biggest bargain at $160/sq.ft. for the 2700 square foot home. By contrast the 2300 square foot 19579 Black Olive Lane sold for $520,000, or $224/sq.ft.

Every home in Boca Isles took more than a month from listing to close. Most did sell in less than 3 months, but four of them took six months or longer, pushing up the average.

It should also be noted that 13 listings expired or canceled in the first half of the year. There are 18 homes listed for sale at this writing.

Saturnia: It remains a buyers market in Saturnia, where 8 homes sold in the first half of the year while 11 listings expired or canceled. There are 20 homes listed for sale.

We have long felt Saturnia is the best place in West Boca to buy a large, high end home and this year is no exception. Three transactions were for over $750,000, all spectacular remodeled homes with 5 or 6 bedrooms in 4700 square feet. There are four more homes like this available right now.

Similar houses in the new GL developments would cost nearly double the price with smaller lots, higher association fees and a much longer distance to the zoned schools. Saturnia has Sunrise Park Elementary and Eagles Landing Middle right across the street.

The lowest price in Saturnia was $550,000 for the one-floor 2700 square foot 4-bedroom at 19489 Estuary Drive. One other home that size went for $565,000. Three more homes sold for between $595,000 and $670,000, all with five bedrooms between 3100 and 3350 square feet.

Boca Greens had 22 transactions along with 10 expired or canceled listings. The average transaction was a 3-bedroom with 2000 square feet selling for $426,000. This is a bounce up from the same period last year.

There were two deals over the $500K line. 10300 Camelback was the highest price at $537,500 for four bedrooms in 2700 square feet. 20049 Back Nine Drive went for $506,000 with 2300 square feet.

The lowest price was also the smallest home, 19651 Back Nine Drive sold for $310,000 with only 1200 square feet. That also works out to the highest price per square foot at $258.

Overall six homes sold in the 300Ks from $310,000 up to $364,500. Fourteen homes sold in the $400Ks from $412,500 up to $484,000.

The biggest bargain was 19537 Sedgefield, a 1950 square foot 4-bedroom that sold for $335,500, more than $10K over its listing price. There are currently 13 active listings .

The Shores at Boca Raton was busy with 12 transactions in the first half of the year and 9 canceled or expired listings. Only 5 homes are listed for sale at the moment.

Aside from one outlier prices started at $435,000. The outlier was a troubled 2400 square foot 4 bedroom that was originally listed for $419,000 but sold for only $330,000.

The four highest prices were on Ocean Mist Drive, all with five bedrooms and 3400 or more square feet. They ranged from $560,000 up to $610,000. 18612 Ocean Mist Drive was the most expensive, while two doors away 18604 Ocean Mist Drive is the largest at 3700 square feet.

The western part of Boca Chase had fifteen closed transactions with eight listings expired or canceled. This is the most desirable part of Boca Chase with all single family homes and a lower incidence of crime.

Boca Chase (west). Map images by Google

Eleven of those fifteen sold for less than $400,000 with a low of $310,000 for 11213 Jasmine Hill Circle, a 3-bedroom with 1600 square feet. 18228 Clear Brook Circle sold for $397,000 with 4 bedrooms in 2800 square feet.

Four homes broke the $400K line, all roughly 2800 square feet with prices as high as $445,000 for 18349 Coral Chase Drive.

18349 Coral Chase Drive; image by Google.

The eastern half of Boca Chase includes both single family homes and townhomes.

The townhomes went in a fairly tight price range from $270,000 to $319,000, all of them having 1650 square feet. The single family homes started at $323,000. Four homes sold for over $400,000 including three on 181st Circle or 182nd Lane.

The highest price was $427,500 for 10200 182nd Lane S, a 4-bedroom with just under 2100 square feet.

The 55+ section of Boca Chase is in the middle of the development and had 24 transactions.

Five units sold for under $200,000, while eleven sold in a tight range from $250,000 to $280,000. At the high end for this group, the single family home at 18090 104th Terrace S closed at $330,000.

The Lakes at Boca Raton did particularly well with 19 closed sales and only 3 listings expired or canceled. There are 9 active listings.

The low price was $298,000 for 10405 Islander Drive, which was sold in the middle of an unfinished renovation. Other than that the lowest price was $343,000, which had been rented out. Six other homes sold in the $300Ks up to $377,000 for 18947 Adagio Drive (1800 square feet).

At the top, two homes sold for $570,000: 10779 Sea Cliff Circle (2900 square feet) and 18653 Cape Sable Drive (3300 square feet). One other home sold for $519,000 and the rest sold for prices between $400,000 and $475,000.

18653 Cape Sable Drive; image by Google.

Stonebridge sellers are doing better this year with 20 transactions so far and only 13 expired or canceled listings.

Pricing is still a challenge for this country club community with two homes selling under $100,000. There are 17 homes currently listed for sale.

17809 Southwick Way finally sold for only $65,000 after being on and off the market since 2016. The house has 3 bedrooms in 2900 square feet.

Only slightly larger, 17893 Hampshire Lane sold for $330,000 in just over two weeks, showing the fickle nature of the market.

The top price was $455,000 for 17727 Litten Drive, which took 5 months to sell.

10435 Stonebridge Boulevard was the only other sale over $400,000 at $435,000. The house has 5 bedrooms and over 3800 square feet.

Real Estate Update for 33428 in Mid-2019

This is Warren’s update on the various communities in zip code 33428.

Boca Falls: Sales volume is up with 22 homes sold in the first half of the year. The average sale was a 4 1/2 bedroom home with 3000 square feet selling for $574,000 in 3 1/2 months. Inventory is also up with 14 homes currently on the market.

Some homes closed at fairly high prices with the 4000 square foot 5-bedroom at 21288 Rock Ridge Drive in The Estates selling for $755,000 at the top. It doesn’t even have a lake view. Nearby 21206 Falls Ridge Way sold for $750,000 with 5100 square feet.

21206 Falls Ridge Way in The Estates sold for $750,000. Image by Google.

Five homes sold in the $600K range and nine more sold in the $500Ks.

Current listings include three smaller homes (2000 – 2300 sq.ft.) listed under $500,000 and four larger homes (3500 – 3900 sq.ft.) listed over $700,000. The biggest, in Crystal Pointe, is also the priciest at $825,000.

Boca Winds: Inventory remains low in Boca Winds with only 9 homes currently on the market, less than 1% of homes in the community. That makes it a seller’s market.

As always the lowest prices are in Ashley Park with two homes listed near $365,000. Three homes in Regency Place are listed just below $400,000. The highest list price at the moment is $493,000.

Sales volume remains strong in Boca Winds with 28 homes sold in 2019 so far, similar in pace to the 55 sold for all of 2018. The average transaction was a 4 bedroom with 2300 square feet selling for $438,000 in 3 months. That last bit might reflect that some homes in Boca Winds are taking longer to find the right buyer. The average was driven up by a few homes that took several months.

One outlier home sold for $295,000, but everything else sold for over $350,000. Oddly the lowest prices were in Regency Place instead of Ashley Park. The lowest one and two others near $360,000, all about 1600 square feet, were in Regency Place.

12698 Little Palm Lane sold for $650,000.

The high end was a 3250 square foot house on Little Palm Lane that netted $650,000. One house in Collington Estates sold for over $500,000. A total of 19 homes sold between $400K and $500K.

Loggers’ Run: Loggers’ Run has 16 single family homes listed for sale with a wide range of prices at the moment. Timberwalk has 5 villas mostly listed close to $250,000.

At the high end of the active listings Tamarron has a 2600 square foot house listed at $925,000. That seems optimistic but we’ve been wrong before. It does have a one acre lot.

The rest of the single family listings are priced between $370,000 and $680,000.

There were 26 transactions of single family homes this year so far. Four sales were in Island Lakes ranging from $470,000 to $512,000. Closing prices in the Country Landings subdivisions ranged from $326,000 up to $380,000.

The highest prices were in the Winding Lakes subdivisions along with two deals in Ponderosa on the county line canal. At the top were two Winding Lakes homes at $675,000 and $650,000, both four bedrooms with 3000 square feet.

Timberwalk saw 13 townhomes and villas sell between $240,000 and 280,000. Of those 11 were 1500 square feet or less.

Mission Bay: There were 35 sales in Mission Bay in the first half of 2019, 31 of them single family homes. For townhomes two 1800 sq.ft. models sold in Las Flores for $295,000 each. Two more sold in Reflections over $300,000.

Of the single family homes, six of them sold in the upper 300s spread across Ventura, Regatta, Harbour Springs and La Costa. Seven more sold from $400,000 to $415,000 including one in The Isle.

The highest prices exceeded $600,000. The 3700 square foot 5-bedroom at 20456 San Rafael Court in The Isles was purchased for $678,500. Two 2800 sq.ft. homes in Cordova Estates sold for $610,000 and $586,000.

One home in Sonata broke the $500K barrier selling for $502,000 with 2500 square feet and a lake view.

Regatta had the most activity with 7 deals from $370,000 to $495,000. Ventura had 6 sales from $356,000 up to $467,000. There were no transactions at all in Laguna in 2019 so far.

Boca Woods: 21 homes sold in Boca Woods with five going over $370,000, two of them over $400K. On the other hand thirteen sold for less than $175,000, four of them under $100K.

There are 34 homes listed with prices as high as $600,000.

Palma Vista: Five homes sold in Palma Vista, near West Boca Medical Center, with prices from $450,000 up to $1.1 million (a 6000 square foot 6-bedroom house). There are currently no homes listed.

Avalon: Three homes sold in Avalon (behind Lowe’s), all between $500,000 and $600,000. One home is listed there now, a 5-bedroom with 3000 square feet, on the market at $565,000.

Palmetto Pines: Ten homes sold in Palmetto Pines from $285,000 up to $360,000. There are currently six homes listed for sale, with the lowest at $317,000.

Boca Springs: Three homes sold in Boca Springs, all with four bedrooms, from $370,000 to $412,000. Two homes are on the market now, priced at $380,000 and $412,000.

Meadow Lakes saw five transactions this year starting at $308,000 for a 3-bedroom under 1500 square feet. A 2000 square foot 4-bedroom netted $380,000, and a much larger 2700 square foot 5-bedroom sold for $430,000.

There’s a lot of inventory right now in Meadow Lakes with 8 homes listed as low as $330,000.

There were 8 sales in Lexington Estates since the beginning of 2019 starting at $408,000. Four others sold for $450,000 or less, while three homes sold for over $500,000. The biggest price was $540,000 for a 6-bedroom with 3300 square feet.

Active listings include three large homes starting at $575,000 for 3300 square feet. The top is priced just under $700,000 for 4200 square feet.

There’s only one home for sale in Paraiso (aka Allegro), a 1400 square foot 3 bedroom. Three transactions this year were priced from $297,000 up to $325,000.

The section of Sandalfoot Cove that lies west of Lyons had 5 single family home transactions ranging $290,000 up to $367,000.

The Vineyards (Palmetto behind Walmart) has four homes on the market. Three are priced from $400,000 up to $430,000. One is optimistically priced at $579,000. The neighborhood has had only one sale this year, at $390.000.

Arborwood (Lyons at Palmetto) had four sales from $425,000 up to $506,000. One home is actively listed for $559,000.

There were 19 units sold in Boca Lago with prices as low as $130,000. Eight sold for $200,000 or more with 9304 Vista Del Lago B going for $300,000 (1500 square feet), and the larger 21461 Cypress Hammock Drive 28a at $337,500.

Other neighborhoods north of Boca Lago along the west side of Lyons include:

  • Timbers of Boca – 21234 Hazelwood Lane sold for $304,000 with less than 1400 square feet
  • Boca Ridge – Three homes sold from $292,000 to $330,000
  • Boca Flores – Two new 1900 square foot condos sold for $437,000 and $460,000
  • Pine Springs – 9175 Pine Springs Drive sold for $319,000 with 2300 square feet

GL Homes at Boca Muni

We don't have a name yet but we have a lot more information about the new GL Homes development that will replace the Boca Municipal Golf Course.

GL Homes future development on the Boca Municipal Golf Course is just west of the Turnpike. The last major undeveloped parcels in the area (shaded in purple) are currently farmland but we suspect they'll be developed sometime in the next 10 years.

The new development, next to the Turnpike and north of Glades Road, will include 564 homes in 5 subdivisions along with a 4-acre clubhouse and recreation area and 11 lakes.

New documents filed earlier this week shed a lot more light on what's coming. Full details below for paid subscribers.

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