GL Homes at Boca Muni

We don't have a name yet but we have a lot more information about the new GL Homes development that will replace the Boca Municipal Golf Course.

GL Homes future development on the Boca Municipal Golf Course is just west of the Turnpike. The last major undeveloped parcels in the area (shaded in purple) are currently farmland but we suspect they'll be developed sometime in the next 10 years.

The new development, next to the Turnpike and north of Glades Road, will include 564 homes in 5 subdivisions along with a 4-acre clubhouse and recreation area and 11 lakes.

New documents filed earlier this week shed a lot more light on what's coming. Full details below for paid subscribers.

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Two Homes In Boca Falls

Warren Redlich is pleased to now offer two houses for sale in Boca Falls. The homes are next door to each other and both have a great lake view. They’re great for families who want to live comfortably with access to great schools

Already on the market is 12353 Riverfalls Court, currently priced at $475,000. This is the best deal available on a four bedroom home in Boca Falls.

Coming on the market is 12345 Riverfalls Court, a 5-bedroom in spectacular condition. It is going to be listed at $649,000.

Both homes are very close to the best public schools in South Florida. Both are protected by the excellent security in Boca Falls, and have access to the great amenities in Boca Falls.

Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645 to get a chance to see these homes, or talk to Warren about listing your home

Boca Winds 2018 Report

53 homes sold in Boca Winds in 2018, plus another two so far this January. Prices covered a broad range from $280,000 up to $680,000. The average listing sold in less than 45 days. There were 21 listings that canceled or expired, so most listings in Boca Winds sell and quickly.

As usual, the lowest prices were in Ashley Park, which had the twelve cheapest, all $340,000 or less, and 16 out of the bottom 17. Outside of Ashley Park, all but one home sold for $365,000 or more.

22412 Sea Bass sold for $280,000. We saw it during an open house. It was very small inside, and it took over three months to sell. Image by Google.

Even with those low prices, only three houses in Ashley Park sold for under $300,000. Ashley Park homes are smaller and have limited or no access to the clubhouse and other Boca Winds facilities. They also have a much lower HOA fee around $75/month instead of $125/month or more.

On the upside, five houses sold for $500,000 or more, and they still sell quickly. All but one of the top 10 priced homes sold in less than two months and several sold in less than one month.

22257 Vista Lago Drive sold for $680,000 with 6 bedrooms and over 3500 square feet. It has a great cul de sac location. The backyard has a wide lake view. Image by Google.

Everything that sold over $410,000 had at least 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and 2200 square feet. That includes the three highest prices in Ashley Park.

Warren Redlich will be listing these two Boca Falls homes in March. If you’re thinking of selling, call or text Warren at 561-536-3645. We will be promoting Warren’s listings in West Boca News. If you list with Warren, your home will be seen by more people. This helps it sell quicker and for more money. Plus you get free legal advice from Warren.

Warren is a real estate agent with United Realty Group. He has been an attorney for 23 years.
The best bargain in Boca Winds was 12638 Little Palm Lane. This 3250 square foot 4-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath home with a paver driveway, and 3-car garage sold for $465,000, just $143/sq.ft.
Among the higher priced homes, 12491 Baywind Court sold for the highest per square foot. The 2600 sq.ft. 4-bedroom fetched $550,000 or $208/sq.ft. It does have a great cul de sac location with a wide lake view, but only a 2-car garage.
The most average non-Ashley Park transaction in Boca Winds for 2018 was 21950 Palm Grass Drive. The 2400 square foot 4-bedroom sold for $445,000, or $185/sq.ft.
The highest price in Ashley Park was $425,000 for 22480 Swordfish Drive, a 2250 sq.ft. 4-bedroom with a semi-circular paver drive and a lake view from the backyard.

As usual for West Boca, most homes were sold on a 6% commission. Only two agents had more than two listings sold.

Boca Falls 2018 Report

The 3800 square foot 5-bedroom ranch at 21375 Falls Ridge Way (pictured above) fetched the highest price by far at $735,000.

34 homes sold in Boca Falls in 2018, with prices ranging from a high of $735,000 to a low of $422,500. There were also 33 listings that expired or canceled, making it about a 50% change that a listing will sell.

The average transaction was a 3000 square foot home selling for $560,000. Last year’s average was $586,000 for a 3200 square foot house. In dollar per square feet prices are up about 2%. Homes are taking a little longer to sell with the average at 77 days.

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Bridges Homes Average $1.04M; Seven Bridges $1.38M

For the first half of 2018, home sales that closed in The Bridges averaged 1.04 million at $268 per square foot. Most homes sold between $800,000 and $1.5 million but there was one that sold for $2.3 million and a seven homes sold under $800K, mostly smaller models around 2600 square feet. Twenty seven homes sold, ten of them for more than $1 million.

Seven Bridges homes averaged higher at nearly $1.4 million with most going between $900,000 and $2 million. Three homes sold just under $900K, with only one of them smaller than 3200 square feet. The average was just over $300 per square foot. Seventeen homes sold in total with twelve of them over $1 million.

The Bridges transactions are all or nearly all resales of existing homes. They sell, on average, in close to four months. Many of the Seven Bridges transactions are new homes and they’re taking over five months to sell. On both sides of Lyons Road they’re actually taking longer to sell because the numbers don’t include failed listings. Sixty listings expired or canceled in the first half of the year, more than the 44 that closed.

For example 9610 Labelle Court in Seven Bridges was purchased from the builder in early 2016 for $2 million. After the buyer did substantial upgrades it was listed by a Miami-based brokerage in 2016 for $2.9 million. That listing canceled after four months, and then another Miami broker listed it for $2.3 million. It’s a 6-bedroom house with 7500 square feet, 7 full bathrooms, 2 half baths, and loaded with features and high end finishes. In the middle of 2017 the seller switched to a Palm Beach County realtor. The house finally closed in early June for $2.05 million. The statistics show it was on the market for 10 months but it was really 22 months.

The biggest transaction of the year so far was in Seven Bridges where 16525 Fleur De Lis Way sold for $3.2 million. It’s a six bedroom house with six full bathrooms and another two half baths, all in just over eight thousand square feet. The house was bought new from the builder in 2016 for $2.9 million. The new owners are a successful business couple. The wife is a casino executive and is now president of the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

The second biggest deal was in The Bridges, 16876 Crown Bridge Drive, at $2.3 million for a six bedroom in 7500 square feet. The average sale in the Bridges was 3900 square feet, while the average in Seven Bridges was 4600 square feet.

While the vast majority of the homes are selling for well over $200/sq.ft. and some over $300/sq.ft., there are still some “bargains” in The Bridges. Just under $190 per square foot were 8658 Lewis River Road ($960,000 for a 5200 square foot 5-bedroom) and 16658 Gateway Bridge Drive ($796K for a 6-bedroom with 4300 square feet).