Mission Bay Homes Sold 2019

It was a big year for home sales in Mission Bay. 71 single family homes sold along with 14 townhomes, and prices were up compared to 2018.

Three homes sold for prices over $600,000 including 20456 San Rafael Court at $678,500 in The Isle.

20376 Hacienda Court in Cordova Estates sold for $610,000.

21 single family homes closed at $400,000 or less. The lowest price for a single family home was $354,000 in Regatta for a bank-owned home. 14 homes sold for $500,000 or more.

The median single family home sold for $435,000 and three actually sold at that price – two in Regatta and one in La Costa.

In 2018 there were 11 fewer single family home sales from $313,500 up to $630,000, with a lower median of $423,500. Only 6 homes sold in 2018 for $500,000 or more and only one of them over $600,000.

14 townhomes and villas in Las Flores and Reflections closed at prices from $280,000 up to $352,000. In 2018 there were 16 townhomes and villas sold with prices from $244,000 up to $327,500. The median townhome/villa price in 2019 was $301,000 up slightly from $297,500 in 2018.

There are thirteen homes currently listed for sale in Mission Bay, including eight single family homes and five townhomes. A bank-owned townhome in Reflections is listed for $250,000 while the highest listing in single families is at $550,000 in The Isle.

Eight homes are in pending, backup or contingent status, all of them single family. List prices range from $380,000 (Sonata) up to $600,000 (Cordova Estates)

Boca Winds Homes Sold 2019

Fifty-four homes sold in Boca Winds in 2019 and prices are up significantly. The high price was an outlier, $650,000 for 12698 Little Palm Lane, a cul de sac home with a great lake view on arguably the nicest street in the development.

12698 Little Palm Lane has four bedrooms in 3250 square feet.

Only two other homes sold for more than $540,000 – 127217 Maypan for $578,000 and 12689 Tucano Circle for $570,000.

Boca Winds is a non-gated community of single family homes at the quiet west end of Palmetto Park Road. It is zoned for highly rated schools: Waters Edge Elementary, Loggers’ Run Middle and West Boca High.

Overall the median sale price in Boca Winds was $433,500, up from $405,500 in 2018. Ten homes sold for prices of $499,000 and up compared to only five in 2018. At the low end seventeen sold in 2019 for $400,000 or less. Last year twenty-six homes sold under $400,000.

As of January 1 there are nine homes listed for sale in Boca Winds with two listed just under $400,000. The highest price, at 12358 Saint Simon Drive, was just listed for $598,000. Only one other home is listed over $500,000, 22268 Collington at $519,000.

With such low inventory, this is a great time to sell.

Nine listings are currently in pending, backup or contingent status with list prices from $367,000 up to $485,000, plus a short sale listed at $320,000.

Seventeen listings expired or canceled in 2019, an improvement from twenty-one in 2018.

Boca Falls Homes Sold 2019

Nearly fifty Boca Falls homes sold in 2019, a big jump from thirty-five in 2018. Prices also improved at the high end with the top price at $765,000 for 21839 Marigot Drive in Crystal Pointe with 3800 square feet and a number of nice touches including a circular driveway.

Boca Falls is a gated community at the west end of Glades Road and Palmetto Park Road, zoned for excellent schools including Waters Edge Elementary, Loggers’ Run Middle and West Boca High.

Four other homes sold for prices near $750,000 including three in The Estates subdivision, all larger than 3600 square feet. Two homes in Majestic Pointe sold for over $700,000.

21839 Marigot Drive sold for $765,000. Circular drive

In 2018 the highest price was $735,000 and there was a big drop to the next group of three homes selling near $650,000. This illustrates this year’s big jump among the higher priced transactions – 10 homes sold in 2019 for prices over $660,000, compared to only one last year. With that said, the median price actually fell from $570,000 in 2018 to $558,000 in 2018.

Eight homes in 2018 sold for less than $500,000. In 2019 eleven homes sold for under $500,000.

Warren sold 12353 Riverfalls Court in 2019 in less than two months. If you want to get your house sold in West Boca, call or text Warren at 561-536-3645 or e-mail [email protected].

There are currently 15 homes listed for sale in Boca Falls, similar to early January 2018. Three have list prices over $700,000. 21647 Marigot Drive has the highest list price at $759,000. It has been sitting on the market for 8 months. The next house is 12456 Antille at $749,000, which appears to have been very nicely remodeled but the price may still be a bit high for a 2-floor 3250 square footer.

21327 Falls Ridge Way is the bargain of the three at $715,000 with 3800 square feet on one floor and also very nicely remodeled, but it has been on the market for five months.

The lowest price on the market now $399,900 for 12337 Cascades Pointe Drive, a small bank-owned home. One other bank-owned home is listed at $475K and the rest are priced at $540K and up.

Three homes are in pending or backup status at this writing with list prices from $605,000 up to $800,000. The big price is for 21311 Falls Ridge Way, a home that was completely rebuilt after the previous structure was ruined by a car fire in the garage.

Only 20 listings expired or canceled in 2019, a significant improvement from 33 in 2018.

The Shores: 2019 Real Estate Report

Sellers in The Shores did well in 2019 with twenty-five homes sold and prices are up. The highest price this year was $680,000 for 11119 Blue Coral Drive, a 5-bedroom with 3800 square feet. Three others sold for $600,000 or more.

Two homes sold cheap with 18647 Sea Turtle Lane at $330,000, and 11399 Sea Grass Circle at $375,000. Other than that the floor seems to be $435,000 for homes in decent condition. More than half the homes sold for prices over $500,000.

These numbers are higher than 2018 where more than half the homes sold under $500,000, the high price was only $632,000 and only two homes sold for more than $555,000. Seven homes sold for $560,000 this year.

It is a particularly good time to sell in The Shores. Inventory is low with only one active listing.

Saturnia – 2019 Real Estate Report

Sellers did much better in Saturnia in 2019. A total of 29 homes closed for the year. There are only eight homes left for sale at this writing, down from 20 in early July.

The highest price of the year was $790,000 for 19196 Natures View Court, a 5-bedroom. Five other homes sold above $750,000. Most of these top priced homes have around 4700 square feet. In 2018 the highest sale price was $735,000.

At the bottom, two homes on Skyridge Circle sold at $495,000, and $500,000. The latter, described in the listing as a fixer-upper, is a 5-bedroom with over 4000 square feet. This is also an improvement from 2018 when the lowest prices were $465,000 and $470,000.

The most interesting transaction was 19565 Havensway Court, which sold for $775,000 with just 3500 square feet. The house has been beautifully remodeled and sits on a cul de sac lot.

Two more homes sold over $700,000. 19492 Saturnia Lakes Drive went for $745,000 with 6 bedrooms in 4700 square feet. The smaller 19594 Saturnia Lakes Drive, selling for $725,000, has 5 bedrooms in 3600 square feet.

Seven homes sold for prices from $640,000 to $670,000. Five of these have around 3200 square feet. The two others with 4700 square feet each included a bank-owned home and a short sale.

With the low inventory at the moment and improved pricing compared to 2018, it looks like 2020 should be a much better year for sellers.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a home in West Boca, call or text Warren at 561-536-3645 or 518-225-3710.

It’s not all good news. The highest active listing is priced at $785,000. The 4700 square foot home at 11827 Bayfield has been on the market for over three months in its current listing. It first went on the market in 2017 for $929,000. It’s a beautiful home in a great location, but for some reason it just doesn’t seem to sell. It might sell quicker if the bathrooms were remodeled.

11788 Bayou Lane is the lowest priced home for sale at the moment at $510,000. It has four bedrooms and three baths in 2800 square feet with another good lot location. Originally listed at $565,000, it has been on the market for four months.