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We are a small, family-run citizen journalist operation. If you want to contact us, please review our Contact Policy first.
Physical Address: Boca Falls Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33428
Fax: 518-708-8752
E-mail: warren@westbocanews.com
The best ways to reach us are email or through the West Boca News Facebook page.
Staff (all e-mails should be directed to warren@westbocanews.com):
Warren Redlich is the co-founder of the West Boca News. Mr. Redlich is an attorney in both Florida and New York, focusing on criminal defense. He is also a web entrepreneur and co-founder of SpinJ Corporation, which developed the leading internet directory of traffic and criminal courts, which helps over four million people a year. He writes about a variety of topics, including crime, business, and restaurant reviews.
Heather J. Redlich is the other co-founder. She writes mostly about local businesses, theater and arts, community events and children’s activities. She also handles our advertising.