Insect Invasion: West Boca Restaurant Closed

A popular West Boca restaurant was temporarily closed after inspectors found live small flying insects on food in the kitchen.

Over 50 inspections in this week's report with many of them in West Boca and some close by. Several are in The Reserve on Clint Moore, plazas on Glades including Shadowood, Westwinds, and Boca Lyons, plus Delray Marketplace and more.

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Crime Report – DUI, Drugs, Burglary and More

It's mostly men this week with a variety of incidents including DUI, drugs, theft, and burglary. Father of a local celebrity injured in a hit-and-run. Two incidents in or related to Royal Palm Yacht Club. And a popular West Boca pub gets a mention, again.

Boca High and Olympic Heights students may be involved but we were not able to confirm any school affiliations.

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Lakes at Boca Raton 2019 Homes Sold

41 homes sold in the Lakes at Boca Raton development in 2019, including 35 single family homes and 6 townhomes.

For single family homes the top price was $570,000 for two homes, one in Harbour Lakes and the other in Cape Sable.

10779 Sea Cliff Circle sold for $570,000. The house has 5 bedrooms in 2900 square feet.
18653 Cape Sable Drive also sold for $570,000, with 4 bedrooms in 3300 square feet.

The three lowest prices were in Amber Bay, starting at $298,000.

The median price for 2019 was $400,000, with three homes selling at that price and another one at $402,000. 30 of the 35 transactions were for less than $450,000.

This is another example of homes selling for more in 2019. The median price in 2018 was $389,000, the highest price was $492,500, and only three homes sold for more than $450,000, two of them just barely. The lowest prices in 2018 were in Port Cayman.

Inventory is high at the moment with 8 homes listed for sale with prices from $390,000 up to $540,000. There’s only one transaction in backup status with a list price of $370,000.

Townhomes and Villas

While there were 11 sales in 2018, there were only 6 in 2019. 2018 prices ranged from $175,000 to $242,500 with a median of $222,000.

Prices were up in 2019 with a low price of $223,100 (above last year’s median) and a high price of $240,000. The median was $231,000.

There are no townhomes or villas listed for sale at this writing, nor any pending transactions.

Boca Chase 2019 Homes Sold

Home prices were flat to up slightly in Boca Chase in 2019. Prices were flat in the western section with some promising signs including a $500,000 sale. Prices were generally higher in the eastern section of Boca Chase in the regular single family homes, townhomes, and the 55+ communities.

18359 Coral Isles Drive sold for $500,000.

Boca Chase is a complicated development with a mix of single family homes, townhomes and a variety of 55+ subdivisions as well. What we call Boca Chase West is all single family homes on the west end of the development.

Boca Chase West saw 28 homes sold in 2019 with prices from $288,500 (bank-owned) to $500,000 for 18359 Coral Isles Drive (4 bed, 2700 square feet). The median price was $380,000 with three homes at that price and one at $381,000:

  • 18329 Fresh Lake Way, 2700 sq. ft. 3 bedroom with a second floor
  • 11268 Coral Key Drive, 1900 sq. ft. 3 bedroom
  • 18018 Clear Brook Circle, 1900 sq. ft. 3 bedroom
  • 18242 Blue Lake Way, 1900 sq. ft. 3 bed room

In 2018 25 homes sold, two for under $300,000 ($265K and $285K). The top price was $459,000 and the median was $382,000 for a 1900 sq.ft. 3 bedroom home. So overall the pricing in Boca Chase West seems a little higher on the low and high ends, but flat in the middle.

There are four homes listed at this writing from $370K to $449K, all on Clear Brook Circle in Coral Bay.

Six homes are in pending, backup or contingent status, with list prices from $350K to $440K.

Boca Chase East

19 single family homes sold for $323K to $442K. The median price was $395K for 10656 Oak Lake Way with 1900 square feet and 4 bedrooms.

18360 103rd Trail S in Bentbrook sold for $442,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths in 2300 square feet.

This compares to 17 sold in 2018 priced from $290,000 to $430,000 with a median of $375K. So prices were up significantly at the low end, middle and high end.

There are three active single family listings in Boca Chase East now priced from $395,000 (Hidden Lake) to $499,000 (Bentbrook).

Six townhomes sold in 2019 from $269K to $319K, most with 1650 square feet. Only one sold in 2018 for $278K. None are listed at the moment. One is in backup with a list price of $312K.

Active Adult

In the 55+ communities 44 homes sold with prices from $155,000 (two units) to $333,500 for a 1900 square foot villa on Ladypalm Lane. 13 of the 44 sales were under $200K. A total of 18 deals were for $250K or higher. Median was $231,500.

In 2018 there were 48 transactions with two homes selling below $150,000 and a high price of $270,000. Median was $220K. So again we’re seeing prices up at all levels.

There are 11 homes listed for sale from $235,000 up to $315,000, and two listings are in pending or backup status.