Broward Bagel Bomb: Restaurant Inspections

A Broward bagel joint was closed last Saturday after inspectors found rodent droppings. The biggest number in our report is for a popular Asian restaurant in Central Boca. And a West Boca sandwich place had a perfect inspection. All that and more with 29 inspections from the past week, for paid subscribers:

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Real Estate Update: September 33428

Warren’s latest report on Boca Falls, Boca Winds, Loggers’ Run, Mission Bay, Palmetto Pines and Boca Springs, Boca Woods, and a little more.

Boca Falls

Boca Falls inventory grew slightly now with 18 homes listed, with 5 sales in the month of August. The biggest sale was at 21839 Marigot Drive in the Crystal Pointe subdivision at $765,000. The home has five bedrooms in 3800 square feet of space with some gorgeous features (below).

Image by Google.

The other four homes sold with prices from $545,000 to $590,000. That $590K home is the most startling, a 4100 square foot palace in the premium Estates subdivision that was originally listed for $710,000.

21248 Rock Ridge Drive sold for $590,000, down from the $685,000 the seller paid in 2009. Image Google.

The closing price is nearly $100,000 less than the owner paid for the house back in 2009, when the market was down after the foreclosure crisis. According to the listing the house has some great features inside including a gourmet kitchen, but there are no interior photos included. Maybe there were problems inside but the listing doesn’t show that.

Of the 18 homes listed, prices run from $445K to $800K.

Boca Winds

Boca Winds has 15 homes listed again this month, and only two of them in Ashley Park. Prices seem higher with the lowest listing at $378,000.

22328 Siesta Key Drive is listed for $649,000. Image by Google.

Five homes sold in August (none in Ashley Park), all priced in a tight range from $410,000 to $460,000.

The five homes sold in Boca Winds are shown on the map above. Image and map data by Google.

Loggers Run

The number of homes for sale is steady in Loggers’ Run as well. There are now nineteen listings including six in the Timberwalk townhomes section.

Single family home listings start from $375K to $405K in Country Landings III.

At the high end there are three homes for sale including a possible bargain at 11629 Kensington Court, listed for only $539,000. The listing does not indicate it’s bank-owned but it appears to have been foreclosed earlier this year and is owned by an LLC.

Another three homes are listed in Island Lakes with prices from $500,000 to $550,000.

Timberwalk townhome and villas list from $244,000 up to $295,000.

Eight homes sold in August. Two in Timberwalk sold for $245,000 and $250,000.

22749 Wilderness Way, image by Google.

The highest price was for 22749 Wilderness Way at $875,000. The lot has quite a bit of waterfront.

A few homes sold in Country Landings II and III with prices near $375,000. A house on Little Bear Way in Cimarron sold for $470,000 and one in Indian Head sold for $487,500.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay had seven transactions in August. A 2000 sq.ft. townhome sold in Reflections for $300,000.

Six single family homes sold from $394,000 for a 1900 sq.ft. 3-bedroom in Harbour Springs to $511,000 for a 2500 sq.ft. 2-story 4-bedroom in Sonata.

10930 Handel Place sold for $511,000. Image by Google.

There are eighteen homes actively listed for sale at this writing. Fifteen are single family homes including six in the Sonata subdivision and four in Ventura. There are also two townhomes listed in Reflections and one in Las Flores, with all three priced in the low $300K range.

Single family home list prices start around $380K in the gated Regatta and Ventura subdivisions, with 10791 Avenida Santa Ana optimistically priced at $649,000 for a 2600 sq.ft. house with no waterfront on an odd lot in The Isle. It’s very nicely remodeled with gorgeous features and a new roof, but $250 per sq.ft. still seems high for a 30-year-old house.

Palmetto Pines and Boca Springs

August saw only two closed sales in Palmetto Pines and one more in Boca Springs, all under $400,000.

  • 10076 Country Brook Road sold for $381,000 (4 beds, 2300 sq.ft.)
  • 4542 Avalon Street sold for $360,000 (3 beds, 1350 sq.ft.)
  • 10680 Eland sold for $295,000 (3 beds, 1240 sq.ft.)

There are fifteen homes listed for sale at this writing, with two priced down at $275,000. Only one home is listed for for more than $400,000.

Boca Woods

Five homes sold in Boca Woods with one lowball 2-bedroom priced at $103,500. One closed at $300,000 and two more were in the high $200K range.

Palma Vista and Avalon

We did not see any transactions in Palma Vista or Avalon in August. There are no listings in Palma Vista at the moment and only one house listed for sale in Avalon at 21830 Cypress Palm Court at $585,000. It’s also listed for rent at $4200/month.

FAU Football – Fun But Growing Pains

We attended FAU’s big football game with UCF this weekend. Based on that experience we see a lot of positive signs, but there are some gaps that will hopefully be fixed. The most glaring was a failure to have an adequate supply of water and other hydrating beverages.

But let’s start with the positive. We got there a few hours before game time and the parking lots were full of people tailgating. People were well behaved and having a good time.

As a ballpark guess we’d estimate there were 20,000 fans inside the stadium for the game. It was a big crowd, making a lot of noise, and again we saw mostly good behavior and people enjoying themselves.

The game itself was a little rough. UCF crushed FAU 48-14. You have to remember that UCF is one of the best college football teams in the country. This follows FAU’s 45-21 loss to Ohio State, another big-time college football program.

While the scores don’t look good, it’s actually very impressive that FAU was able to get some stops against these high powered offenses and move the ball somewhat against very tough defenses. FAU quarterback Chris Robison did a great job getting away from pressure.

Coach Lane Kiffin and FAU Football deserve credit for taking on such strong competition early in the season. Fans have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the season and going forward into the next few years. Fans should be optimistic about how FAU will do within the less competitive Conference USA. If Kiffin can recruit just a few more top quality players that could make a world of difference.

Outside of the game itself, the event was mostly run well. There was a large police presence and the police were friendly and helpful. It’s a nice stadium and there seems to be ample parking.

Traffic management seemed to be okay on our way out. On the way in it could have been better. At 4 pm when we arrived traffic entering the campus from Spanish River Blvd was backed up creating conflict from cars coming from different directions. Despite the substantial police presence, there were no officers at that major intersection. We heard from a friend who got to the campus at 5:30 pm that traffic was so bad she didn’t get to her seat until the second quarter.

Getting into the stadium was slow going and not well organized. FAU should have more staff at the entry points, and maybe some kind of ropes or “corrals” to make this process smoother. Cell coverage was spotty as the towers were probably overwhelmed. The stadium Wifi was iffy. It worked most of the time but there were times when it said the access point was full.

The water situation was unacceptable. During the second quarter two of us went downstairs to buy some water. It was a very long wait, as you can see in the picture below.

Subway is the vendor covering the south area of FAU Stadium

It was a roughly 15 minute wait to get to the front of the line. We then learned that they were out of water. We were able to get a few bottles of Gatorade but they were almost out of that. I walked around while my friend waited in line. I didn’t find anywhere with better options.

This is South Florida in early September. It was 90 degrees at game time and probably hotter in the stadium. You have 20,000 people sitting out in the sun in 90 degree heat. There is not much excuse for making people wait 15 minutes to pay $3 for a 10 cent bottle of water and then running out of it.

Making this worse, it is FAU policy that fans cannot bring their own food or drinks into the game, and if they leave (to go to their cars to get water) they are not allowed back into the stadium – no reentry.

We reached out to FAU about this and to their credit they responded quickly, though we’re not fully satisfied with their answers.

Q: Why was FAU unprepared to supply water (and other hydrating drinks like Gatorade) to a crowd it knew would be so large?

A: Our concession vendors prepared for the crowds with water and other hydrating drinks, due to the large crowd we did have some stands that had to be restocked with water and other beverages throughout the game, which meant that some stands might not have had those specific beverages for a time while being restocked. Moving forward we will be taking a look at all of our concessions protocols which include looking at additional ways to provide water inside and outside of the stadium.

Note that the Subway did not appear to be restocked with water or Gatorade. We left the game in the middle of the fourth quarter and their cooler had no water and no Gatorade. To be fair to FAU, at least some responsibility for this probably falls on Subway.

Q: Is it correct that fans are not allowed to bring their own water bottles into games? If so please explain the reason for this policy.

A: There is no outside food and drink allowed in FAU Stadium but fans are allowed to bring in an empty cup to utilize the water fountains. This policy is consistent with the policies of most FBS facilities.

Notice that they did not explain the reason for this policy. It seems pretty clear that the reason is to make money selling 10 cent water bottles for three dollars, and other beverages for more. Beer vendors didn’t run out of beer, and were not selling water. Saying that other programs have the same policy is the kind of answer you’d expect from a small child.

Q: It also appears that fans can not leave (say to get water from their cars) and return to the game. Is that also correct?

A: Yes, our stadium policy is that there is no re-entry. Once you are admitted (ticket scanned) into FAU Stadium, you may not exit the stadium and re-enter using the same ticket. If you have an emergency and must depart the stadium, fans can visit the fan services locations near sections 114 and 125 where a Fan Services representative can address the situation. This policy is consistent with the policies of most FBS institutions.

No re-entry is a pretty common policy. That doesn’t mean it’s the right policy. They could make a security argument, but there was plenty of security at the stadium and no reason they can’t check people coming back in.

Q: Does FAU plan to change how it handles this in the future? If so, how?

A: With anticipation of larger crowds becoming the norm at FAU Football Stadium we will be doing a meticulous evaluation of all of our gameday policies and procedures to make sure that we are providing a first class gameday experience for our fans. Through evaluation we will make the necessary adjustments and additions to our gameday protocol.

We are hopeful FAU will follow through on this. With a million dollar a year football coach and an athletic director making $300K, FAU fans are entitled to expect better performance, and not just on the field.

I tweeted about the water issue during the game and got some response from both FAU and UCF fans.

Update: Thanks to Jake Elman we see that AD Brian White did tweet about the stadium issues. Click on the tweet and read the replies.

Tasty Asian Gets 34 Violations: Inspection Report

A "tasty" Asian restaurant near Dixie Highway had 34 violations. A Mexican place we like had nearly 20. And a West Boca Thai place had 12.

On the bright side there were two perfect inspections in West Boca and one near-perfect inspection at a popular place just east of I-95.

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Mizner Meltdown: Inspection Report

A major restaurant in Mizner Park was shut down temporarily by inspectors on Thursday last week. Our report this week also includes double-digit violations for multiple well known West Boca restaurants including one of our favorite pizza places.

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