Festival Flea Market in Pompano

The Festival Flea Market is on Sample near the Turnpike
There must be over a hundred booths here selling a wide variety of things, mostly junk I can’t see myself ever buying. However, a more sophisticated shopper tells me the jewelry quality is better than what you’d see in a mall store with better prices.
Lots of jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, flip flops, perfumes, golf clubs, cell phone accessories, luggage, clothes, belts … and on and on.
The place is vast. These two photos are barely a glimpse of the expanse.


There’s also a food court. How about a “Pewter Parlour”?

I’m getting a headache. 🙂
To be fair, the grocery/produce section seems good and there are some booths drawing a lot of customers, like a kosher bakery.
The average age of shoppers seems in the mid60s and the average hair color is light gray. That might explain the mobility scooter store.
Moccasin Depot did tempt me.


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