Rancheritos de Boca

Rancheritos de Boca is a Colombian restaurant and bakery in the Somerset Shoppes plaza at the northeast corner of Lyons and Glades (map at bottom). It was recommended by a friend from Colombia and I owe him now.
The prices are very reasonable, especially for appetizers. An empanada is only $1, and most others are under $5 or even $3. Entrees are closer to $10.
The arepa appetizer, with sweet cornbread and cheese, was not the best thing for a low carb diet but well worth it. Kids will love it.
The interior is nothing special but it was clean.

Lemonade was very tart, great for adults but not what kids expect.
We also ordered the shrimp ceviche,

The ceviche came with 4 shrimp in a soupy salsa that was a little spicy.
The empanada was small, tasty, and came with a wicked spicy salsa on the side.
We also ordered a chicken entree that was a special. It came with a relatively plain salad.
The chicken was wonderful, thin with mushrooms, onions and what seemed like capers, a touch of paprika, plus a nice side of vegetables.

For dessert we tried cuatro leches and a caramel flan.

The flan was good but the cuatro leches was outstanding.
This was a truly excellent meal for a very reasonable price.
Also worth noting is excellent reviews on Urban Spoon.
Here’s the map:

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