Paul Tocker on the West Boca Question

County Commission candidate Paul Tocker responds to our West Boca Question 2:
Q: The office you seek covers West Boca Raton and other communities. What issues do you see as particularly relevant for the residents of West Boca?

A: The County Commission in a 6-1 vote approved giving developers 57 million dollars in the form of a 27 million dollar subsidy and a 30 million dollar loan guarantee for the building of a Hilton Convention center hotel located next to the convention center and across the street from City Place in the City of West Palm Beach. Though I see the benefits of the hotel to the local (West Palm Beach) economy I can’t see the taxpayers in West Boca paying for it. The financing needed to be done with the City of West Palm Beach resources or totally with private financing. The deal provides for payments back to the County. Lets hope the venture is profitable so we can recoup the investment.
Also there are concerns that esthetics and landscaping are being neglected along Clint Moore. This needs to be attended to. There are also ideas about the City of Boca annexing parts of unincorporated West Boca. You always need to look at the pros and cons of annexation and I would hope that the West Boca News brings everyone up to speed on those issues.

Author: Warren Redlich

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