Vinny's All Day Cafe at Jog & Yamato

Vinny’s All Day Cafe serves mostly salads and wraps.
The restaurant is in the Regency Court Plaza on the northwest corner of Jog Road and Yamato. Some would call this West Boca but we are snobs so it’s Central Boca.
It is noisy inside as the food is prepared out in the open and there’s a lot of chopping.

We had a group of four. All enjoyed their meals. It seemed a bit pricey for a cafeteria style lunch but the place is definitely popular with a younger customer base than we are used to in Boca. I usually feel like one of the youngest but today I was one of the oldest.
The salads, wraps and sandwiches are made to order in front of you. I had the shrimp and pear salad. It was okay but I didn’t love it.
A nice touch – they have Zapp’s potato chips, a New Orleans delicacy.

Author: Warren Redlich

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