Panthers Rain On Owl's Parade

With their rivals the Florida International Panthers moving to Conference USA and out of the Sunbelt, this was the last time the Florida Atlantic Owls would have to play them, possibly forever. This would be the 11th Shula Bowl and the first one to be played on FAU’s new home field.

FIU took an early lead in the first quarter lead when quarterback Willis Wright connected with receiver Jake Medlock for a touchdown.

The Owls would answer next quarter with a 17 yard pass to Nexon Dorvilus from Graham Wilbert to tie up the game. Rupert Bryan Jr. would then go on to add another touchdown for the FIU Panthers which was followed by a field goal by FAU’s Mitch Anderson 37 Yd Field goal to make the game 14-10 at halftime.

The third quarter would experience a short intermission from an approaching storm, but somewhere between 40 minutes and an hour the teams were back on the field and ready to finish the last Shula Bowl.

FAU running back then put the home team in its first lead of the game with a 1 yd run, but the lead wasn’t held on to for long as FIU kick returner brought a kick back for 100 yd but the kicker missed the PAT. A touchdown in the final seconds of the 3rd quarter to FIU receiver Jake Medlock would bring the score to 27-17 before the final quarter of play.

The Owls looked as if they were getting back into the game as Graham threw a 60 yd touchdown pass to Jenson Stoshak, but a touchdown from FIU running back Kedrick Rhodes sealed the deal and the Panthers beat the Owls 34-24.

Prior to this game, the Owls held a 8-2 Shula bowl victories starting in 2002 against the Panthers, only falling in ’05 and ’11.

Author: Warren Redlich

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