Lucky Palace in West Boca Square

We visited Lucky Palace for lunch last week. It’s a sit-down Chinese restaurant in West Boca Square. The plaza is on the northwest corner of 441 and Palmetto Park Road.
Unlike many Chinese restaurants, which focus on delivery, the interior is spacious.
One minor nice touch for lunch that you don’t see as much these days, we were served a bowl of fried noodles with mustard and duck sauce.
Our lunch combos included soup. One of us had Hot and Sour, and the other had Wonton. Both were good. As you’ll see in the pictures below, the entrees also came with an egg roll and fried rice.
For the main course, one of us had Mongolian Beef (aka beef with scallions), which had a sweet flavor. We both liked it.
Next, we had Honey Garlic Chicken and Shrimp. It was also sweet, almost too sweet but that perhaps should be expected with honey in the name. The chicken and shrimp were both breaded. The shrimp was particularly good, with breading that was thick and almost fluffy, kind of like what you would find on a corn dog. The chicken was okay but nothing special.
Overall it was a good meal at a reasonable price. About the worst we can say is that the decor is nothing special and could use an upgrade.

Author: Warren Redlich

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