Sybarite Pig – For Foodies and Beer Connoisseurs

We noticed the Sybarite Pig some time ago and finally got here for lunch. It’s in Shadowood Plaza on the northeast corner of Glades and 441. They’ve been open for about 9 months and serving lunch for 4 months.

The interior is dominated by a large rectangular bar. There are also five tables inside with a couple smaller ones outside.

The food menu could best be described as eclectic. It is heavy on red meat, especially sausages, with beef, pork, lamb and duck. There’s no routine items. If you’re looking for a simple cheeseburger, fries and a Bud or a Coke, the Sybarite Pig may not be for you. Not much here for vegetarians either. If you’re a meat-eating foodie and you appreciate craft beers then you will be in hog heaven.
My companion had the Korean Short Ribs with a Mac and cheese side. The ribs were outstanding with rich flavor.

I had the Merguez Sausage with a kim chi side. This was a pleasant sacrifice from my dietary effort to avoid red meat, for journalistic integrity. The sausage, made of lamb, was pretty good though I wouldn’t go so far as great. The “pretzel” roll it was served on did not seem like a pretzel. Not bad but not what we expected. The kim chi was excellent, and very spicy.

We decided to try the side summer salad as well, which included mixed greens, Gorgonzola cheese and pecans. The dressing might have been a touch heavy on vinegar but I still liked it.

For beverages companion had a “Mexican Sprite”, made with sugar rather than corn syrup. It really did taste better than regular Sprite.
I tried a Cigar City Stiftung, served “German style” with some kind of syrup to soften the sour edge (as it was explained). It was very good.

The drinks menu is extensive with both beer and wine. The draught beers are displayed on a couple monitors. The Schmaltz from Clifton Park (near my hometown) caught my eye.

Overall we liked it and we will be back.
The food menu is below.


Author: Warren Redlich

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