Puccini's Pizzeria

Puccini’s is in the plaza on the southeast corner of 441 and Yamato. It’s small with three booths, a few more tables inside and a few more outside.

We just stopped in tonight for a couple slices. My child companion insisted that I report the pizza is delicious!
By the slice there are three choices – regular, Sicilian (thick) and grandma (thin with basil). At $2.50 a slice it’s very reasonable.
Some of the menu items seem pricey, including $8 for a bowl of soup or $10 for a sub. The salads and entrees aren’t cheap either.
At the the same time, the atmosphere is pleasant and is good food. Brooklyn Boys is cheaper and good pizza but there are fewer choices and not much atmosphere. Rotelli’s is cheaper but the food is not on the same level.
If you just want a slice Puccini’s is great. If you want more be prepared to pay for it. But it’s worth it.
Sicilian on the right, Grandma’s in the middle and regular on the left.


Author: Warren Redlich

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