Jimmy the Greek: Guest Review

A reader sent us a review of Jimmy the Greek. We eat there occasionally and like it. The review fits with our experience and we like Jeff Ruben’s writing, so we are sharing it on his request.
We previously mentioned Jimmy the Greek when the West Boca Chamber met there.

Please note it’s on the north side of Glades, just west of Boca Rio, near the jewelry building.


Hey West Boca News, I recently wrote a review for Jimmy The Greek located on Glades and Boca Rio. If you would like to put it on your site, that would be great! My name is Jeff Ruben, if you could credit me!
The phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover” actually serves Boca Raton Greek restaurant, “Jimmy The Greek,” a purpose. Located on Glades and Boca Rio, Greek food institution Jimmy The Greek is housed in a 1980’s style building with a rackety wooden deck directly outside of it. Inside, you will be seated at decade old furniture and stare down at a gross tile with a lot of grout buildup, but as soon as you bite into their famous homemade pita bread with a side of humus, your mouth will water and you will think you are eating at a restaurant beside the Mediterranean on a warm summer day.
FOOD: Gourmet Greek cuisine… No other way to slice it. I started with a basic order of humus and pita to start my dining experience. The pita tasted just as if it was taken off of the stove and was so divine that it made my mouth water. The humus tasted very fresh, and was not very oily. For my main dish, I split the Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken and the popular Greek dish, “Slovakia.” The Greek Salad was tasted just as if the fresh greens had been picked out of the garden in the back; the grilled chicken was flavorful and was grilled to perfection. The Slovakia dish was extremely tasty, as well.
ATMOSPHERE: On the contrary, the atmosphere at this dining establishment severely lacks. Sadly, due to the restaurants odd appearance and location, it always seems to be always occupied by senior citizens. When you and your friends are looking for a restaurant on a Friday night, I doubt this is where you would want to end up. Taking a really good-looking girl on a date? Don’t take her here… at least not until the 5th date when you knows she’s a keeper.
SERVICE: Not to much to write about on the service end… The food was brought out in a reasonable time, and the waitress seemed to have a good attitude. It did take an abnormally long time to receive some water, but besides that, it was fine.
FINAL VERDICT: 3.5/5. If you are craving a blissful, authentic and delicious Greek meal and don’t mind a lacking atmosphere, then this restaurant is for you.
Jimmy The Greek
8221 Glades Rd
Ste 1
Boca Raton, FL 33434
(561) 477-3272

Author: Warren Redlich

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