More on the I-95 Roadwork

spanish-yamatoWith the road work now started on I-95 at Spanish River, we reached out to FDOT and were able to get more information on what’s coming. Above you can see a diagram showing the heart of the project. The southbound exit to Yamato will now continue on to Spanish River Blvd, ending at the north entrance to the FAU research park, aka NW 8th Avenue. This will make it a lot easier for those north of Yamato to get onto the FAU campus and back out. It also looks like there will be a new shortcut between Yamato and the campus entrance.
Similarly, northbound I-95 drivers will be able to go directly to the north entrance, though we’re not sure how much of an improvement this will be for most drivers compared to getting off at Glades Road. The ramp to return to southbound I-95 will go a long way out of the way, making it even less attractive than going via Glades. We also wonder if FAU will maintain the absurdly low 25 mph speed limit for that section of NW 8th.
We had previously mentioned, from the press release, 13 bridges between Yamato and Spanish River. That was poorly worded or we just misunderstood. We now understand that the project will widen five existing bridges and construction of eight new ones. These are mostly part of the Spanish River interchange. It does look like the Spanish River bridge over I-95 will be widened, as shown in the image below.

Author: Warren Redlich

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