Bistro Gastronomie Opening Soon

Update: Review of Bistro Gastronomie
bistro-gastronomie-frontWe have another update on Bistro Gastronomie, coming soon to Yamato Village Center (Yamato and Lakeridge, between 441 and Lyons) in the same plaza as Doris Market.

We are approaching project completion and I wanted to email you and attach our Opening Dinner Menu and also our Sunday Brunch Menu offerings. FYI. If all goes well, we will be open the week of the 9th of February, in time for Valentine’s Day.

After receiving the message we stopped by and were invited in by John Iannotti, the General Manager. He has been on site for some time getting the final details ready for the opening. He also let us take some interior photos of the work in progress. Please note that we don’t claim to be professional photographers and we rely on a cell phone camera, so our pictures don’t do the place justice. But here we go:
When you enter the restaurant there’s a small reception area at the front. There are two main areas, a main dining room and a second dining room with a bar.
The picture below shows the area that will soon become the main dining room. They are in the process of installing a gorgeous carpet.
Over that room hangs an attractive chandelier – this one really shows the limitations of our camera:
The bar area and second dining room are shown here, with the furniture about to be put in place:
We saw the plans and it looks like a very nice setup. Between the two larger rooms there’s a private dining room that will seat 6-8 people, and the restrooms. They have a tremendous attention to detail.
We were also provided with advance copies of the menus for dinner and brunch. Prices are certainly not cheap, but they’re not as expensive as we feared they might be.
Our favorite highlight is the 3-course brunch for $27:
Dinner will also have a four-course prix fixe option with intermezzo, with prices for that ranging from $46 for a spicy Thai Basil chicken dish up to $73 for a combination of filet mignon and crab. A la carte, the entrees start at $21 at dinner. And there are a la carte options at lunch as well.
We had to look up intermezzo. Sounds like intermission or “in the middle.” Apparently it’s a European style palate cleanser such as sorbet or a light beverage that is served between courses.
Here’s the one we think might be the most interesting: a Scottish salmon soufflé.
We should note that local food blogger Jeff Eats predicts that Bistro Gastronomie will not succeed in this location. The article has a lively set of comments filled with negativity. Jeff and his naysayers contend that the area demographics won’t support it. We tend to be optimists and disagree.
There are a number of large and wealthy developments nearby, including Boca West, The Oaks, Woodfield, Stonebridge, St. Andrews, Long Lake Estates, Mizner Country Club, Saturnia Isles, The Bridges and more. Beyond that, there are plenty of middle class folks (like us) who occasionally drive into downtown Delray Beach or East Boca for a special dinner. This is a lot closer. And there’s plenty of parking, especially after Doris Market gets quiet in the evening and closes fairly early. You could easily spend more at The Melting Pot without the same quality food or experience. The unique menu and classy setting will even draw some people from East Boca. In our conversation Iannotti demonstrated a thorough familiarity with the community. We offered Jeff a bet but he declined.
We understand the team includes co-owners Elaine Baker and Manuchehr Saman.
Here’s our last picture of Bistro Gastronomie, until we actually eat there. Here’s the view from the exterior, on the side:
Oh, and here’s the mailer they sent around to select communities. We didn’t get one in the mail. Did you?

Author: Warren Redlich

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