Pita N Go near Sandalfoot

Above is the kefta/kebab mini-plate at Pita N Go. The food was very good.
Recently we wrote about what we call Northwest Sandalfoot Plaza. It’s on the northwest corner of Sandalfoot and 441, where the renovated Cumberland Farms gas station has reopened.
Within a multicultural milieu that includes Brazilian, Colombian, Chinese, pizza and more, we find a kosher/Israeli restaurant. Pita N Go takes the place of what used to be Sagi’s Grill.
Open for about a month, the interior has been upgraded from the dingy look Sagi’s had. It still has a bit of a fast food or fast casual feel as the name suggests.
The menu consists of hot items like shawarma and a variety of prepared salads. They cook in an open kitchen.
There are two sets of salads. The first are items that may or may not be included with your entree or sandwich, such as tabbouleh, hummus, and eggplant salad.
And there’s another set that’s for everyone, like a condiment bar.
We ordered a few dishes that ended up being a lot of food. In addition to the kefta/kebab plate pictured at the top, we also had a falafel pita sandwich and an appetizer combo plate.
Every single thing we ate tasted good. The quality of the food is excellent. It seems a little pricey when you consider the atmosphere. On the low end a pita sandwich or wrap is $7 but some of them are $9 and larger versions are as much as $13. The mini plate was $12 and a larger plate might be $15.
While it ain’t cheap, we think it’s worth it because you get both quality and quantity. Kosher restaurants might tend to be a bit more expensive because the ingredients and mechanics of running such a place cost more.
And we also like their shirts.

Author: Warren Redlich

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