Restaurant Inspections for Early 2014

Prompted by a reader tip we just did a short article about our local Mission Bay Panera having to close temporarily after a complaint. An inspection found roaches. They cleaned it up and reopened the next day with zero violations, which is unusually good. Few restaurants get zero violations, as you’ll see below.
The story prompted a big response from readers so we figured we should cover restaurant inspections more consistently. Here’s our first attempt.
shinju-26-violationsThe worst we found in the past couple months is the Shinju Buffet over by the Turnpike entrance. In their most recent inspection they had a total of 26 violations including 10 that were called “high priority.” As you can see from the report excerpt below, several of them were “repeat violations.”

Shinju violations - click to enlarge
Shinju violations – click image to enlarge

Shinju (formally licensed as David Shinju Japanese Buffet) has had four inspections in the past few weeks, all resulting from complaints.
The inspection back on January 22nd showed a whopping 63 violations including 22 deemed “high priority.”
Other restaurants generally performed well, such as the Domino’s on 441 with zero violations.
City Fish Market had only one violation in their last inspection.
Via Mizner Country Club had four violations in their late January inspection, which is still a pretty good result.
Uncle Tai’s near Town Center had three violations in a January 24th inspection. That’s good, but back in November they had 41 violations including 7 that were high priority.
The other relatively poor result was New Golden China in the plaza on the southwest corner of Palmetto Park and Powerline. They had a total of 19 violations (5 high priority) back at the end of the year. While that sounds bad, it wasn’t bad enough to get the restaurant shut down. The report indicating a follow up inspection was required, but it doesn’t look like one has been done yet.
We get our information from the Treasure Coast Palm Beaches restaurant inspection database along with the state’s official My Florida License inspection search page.

Author: Warren Redlich

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