Review of Ethos: Going Greek in Coconut Creek

We love Greek food. Our two regular places in West Boca are Taso and Jimmy the Greek. There’s also It’s All Greek at Clint Moore and 441.
But now that we have Charlotte the Wonder Puppy now, we like taking her with us to lunch. So we look for places with outdoor seating.
Ethos Greek Bistro is in the Promenade at Coconut Creek. They have seating outside, including regular tables as well as lounge and high top. It’s a busy place. For lunch they do not take reservations and we did have to wait for an outside table. There’s also a lot of room inside. It’s a nice atmosphere though it might get a little noisy in the interior when crowded.
As typical with many dog-friendly places, they brought us out a small bowl of water for the puppy. She was far more interested in leaves and mulch.
Turning to the dining experience for humans, my companion had a beet salad with grilled salmon. It was good, with plenty of feta, beets and walnuts.
I had the chicken lunch plate. It normally comes with rice and potatoes, but in a low-carb moment I asked to replace those with hummus. Our server looked puzzled for a second but then said he thought they could do it, and they did. It came on a huge platter with Greek salad that was loaded with feta. The chicken pieces were moderate in size, halfway between a tender and a cutlet. With three of them on the plate, I was only able to eat one. Companion also filled up quickly and we took home some leftovers.
Being Valentine’s Day, we saved a little room to share a dessert. We decided on a chocolate/cheesecake/baklava combination. You can see it below, cut in two with the second piece in the background.
That dessert didn’t work for me. The cheesecake wasn’t that special and it didn’t click with the baklava. We’ve had their baklava in the past and it’s very good.
The service is also normally very good. There were a couple of slow moments today but that’s unusual. We like Ethos. It’s not too far out of the way for West Boca residents, and so we get there about once a month.

Author: Warren Redlich

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