Inside the Sandalfoot KKK Story

West Boca made the news recently thanks to a man flying a “KKK” flag outside a trailer in the Sandalfoot area. Thanks to a reader’s help we were able to track down the location and then found more information.
The trailer appears to be at 10436 Sandalfoot Blvd. We were able to compare the trailer in the news video from ABC 10 (below) with Google Maps street view:
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Zooming in to the mailbox we were able to read the street number. You can see the location on Google Maps below:

We did some more research and determined, per the property appraiser, that the property is owned by Marla and Ina Curley.

Kelsey Hayes
Kelsey Hayes
In the news story the man identifies himself as “Mr. Hayes”, but would not give his full name. We can’t be 100% sure, but we did find a “Kelsey Hayes” associated with a Marla Curley. Both were in the news last year related to a T.J. Maxx Robbery on Glades Road.

Maria Curley told WPBF 25 News she was one of three cashiers who were robbed at gunpoint.
“I wasn’t scared,” Curley said. “I thought I would be if it ever happened to me.

Kelsey Hayes, who was waiting outside the store to pick up his wife, saw the robbery, called 911 and chased after the man with his switchblade until the robber pulled out his gun.
“About 100 feet down, he pulled out his piece and I said, ‘You know what? I’m not going to get shot for somebody else’s money,'” Hayes said.

We’re curious about his reference to waiting for his wife. We can’t verify that his real name is Kelsey Hayes. Ms. Curley appears to have gotten married in 2012 to a Mr. Steven Thomas Scherrer. “Kelsey Hayes” seems to have a few friends with the last name Scherrer.
We can’t find any records for a “Kelsey Hayes” nor for Mr. Scherrer (other than the marriage record). Whoever it is, he’s doing a good job of flying under the radar. Following up on our research we contacted a source who confirmed that the property owner is Jewish, which is a particularly odd place to hoist a KKK flag.
West Boca News suspects, based on how the man presented himself in the news video, our experience with those suffering from mental health problems, and based on our confidential source, that all of this reflects a mental health issue rather than a coherent and determined set of beliefs.
We have now talked to sources who confirm that the man in the video was the groom at the wedding and he does suffer from some illness which may be physical and/or mental.

Author: Warren Redlich

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