Butcher Block Grill – Lunch Review

Today for lunch we visited the Butcher Block Grill. It’s in the plaza on the west side of Powerline at West Camino Real, the same plaza as Mozart Cafe.

There’s a lot of outdoor seating and they recently added an outdoor bar area:
The plaza has undergone extensive renovations and you get pleasant views if you’re sitting outside:
The interior is also attractive with an open kitchen.
The food was good, but expensive. We started with a fig and prosciutto flat bread. $13 seemed like a lot for a “small plate,” though it really wasn’t small and it was delicious. This would be a good appetizer for a table of four adults.
The most reasonable item was the special lunch panini, which was under $10 and included a soup. The soup was tasty and filling, with a curry flavor and chunks of meat.
The panini was interesting – hummus and gruyere cheese. It was good but not spectacular. The cheese was the best part. The hummus didn’t really seem like hummus. Some of the food photos did not come out well due to a camera issue.
I also noticed while eating it that the tomatoes were far from red, kind of greenish and/or yellowish. I asked the waiter and he said they’re locally grown heirloom tomatoes. Some people might like that, and others might not. I was undecided.
My companion had the Butcher Burger. It was good, and the fries were excellent, but we choked on the $15 price for a burger with fries. That just seems excessive.
With all that said, it was good food and a great location. If you’re prepared to pay the price, it’s worth the trip.

Author: Warren Redlich

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