Cabo Flats Jacks Up Prices

We reviewed Cabo Flats in Delray Marketplace just a few weeks ago. Something seemed different when I was looking at the menu.
Not hungry, I ordered the “seafood ceviche.” $14 seemed like a lot, but since the menu said it came with the “Chef’s selection of Fresh local seafood,” I figured it might be worth it.
When the dish came out, the only seafood included were some tiny shrimp. It did taste good – despite the criticism in this article the food was all fine, better than our last visit. But $14 is a lot for tiny shrimp.
I looked up the menu on the restaurant website. What I found was disturbing. There used to be two different ceviche items and each was only $10. You can see them below inside the red rectangles.
So what I was really served was the old “Mexican Shrimp Ceviche Cocktail,” which has been renamed (or misnamed) along with a 40% price increase.
Meanwhile the items in blue boxes also had significant price increases. Here’s an image of that part of the new menu:
The guacamole is up 22%. The rellenos and empanada are up 25%. Nachos are up 33%. The queso is up about 15%.
A few other things we ordered were also more expensive. The taco combination was $14 instead of the previous $13. The chicken fajitas were $16, up from $14, a roughly 15% increase.
I didn’t check every item, like the kids menu, but from what I could see our bill had increased $8 over the prices on the website.
The manager came over and agreed to take $8 off the bill. When I asked about the “chef’s selection of fresh local seafood,” he claimed that they were “gulf shrimp” and that makes them local. I realize it’s just marketing, and I didn’t expect fish from the Everglades, but the Gulf Coast is not local. Also if it’s always shrimp then it isn’t the chef’s selection.
It’s hard to blame the staff we dealt with tonight – the ones who got stuck working Easter Sunday. Then again the service was off – they didn’t do well at handling minor change requests from two people in our group. Asking for sour cream on the side is not that complicated.
We will still go back to Cabo Flats. The food is pretty good. It’s in a great location and has a nice atmosphere. But we’ll have to be ready to pay a bit more, and keep our orders simple.
Update: As a commenter noted, the Yelp reviews for Cabo Flats are terrible.

Author: Warren Redlich

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