Steven's Pizzeria

Alert: Steven’s closed and is now Lenny’s Kosher Pizza.

The pizza place in West Boca Square (the plaza with Target) has changed owners and names again. It used to be Venenzia. In 2012 it became Frankie’s Pizza & Pasta. And now it’s Steven’s Pizzeria, though the sign on the front still uses the “Pizza & Pasta” from before. We got a set of coupons for their “Grand Opening” so we gave it a try.
The interior has not changed much from before.
If you go back and look at the exterior and interior photos from our Frankie’s Pizza & Pasta article, you can see it’s almost identical.
The negative part of the meal was the timing. We ordered a salad (which comes with garlic rolls), a pizza and a side of baked ziti. Normally we’d expect the salad and rolls to come out first, and then the pizza and ziti at least a few minutes later. Instead they all came out at the same time, except for the rolls which came out later. It wasn’t a huge problem.
Also, there were long gaps where we did not see our server. As you can see from the interior photos it was not crowded.
But let’s get to the good part – the food. The Caesar salad was very good, though perhaps not traditional. The dressing was excellent. Our normally picky small child actually ate some and liked it.
The pizza was also delicious. We got a large with half cheese (for the kids) and half “house special” for carnivore daddy. It was cooked just right and we all enjoyed it.
The baked ziti was also good. The sauce was a touch sweet, which worked for us but others might not like that.
While the food is good, be prepared for a quirky experience. When we were done with the meal we wanted to order desserts. They have some interesting items on the menu, such as a chocolate coulant. Unfortunately most of the desserts were not available. That just seemed odd.
All of the negatives were minor. We loved the food and will be back.

Author: Warren Redlich

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