Answers on the West Boca Walmart

Walmart has now responded to our questions we asked about the store they’re reopening as a Walmart Supercenter on the southeast corner of Palmetto Park Road and 441. Maybe it was our anger at their delays that shook the tree, or maybe we overreacted and they were getting us these answers anyway.

William Wertz
William Wertz
Here are their answers, from William Wertz, Director of Communications for Walmart – East:
1. Can you describe how the new store will be different from:
a. The store in that location before it closed; and

The former store was a general merchandise store – which was Walmart’s original format. It did not include the full range of groceries our customers tell us they are looking for. We are adding this component to the remodeled store we are opening.

b. The newer store 2.5 miles south, at Hillsboro and 441.

The store in Coconut Creek was a Supercenter (meaning it had both groceries and general merchandise) from the beginning. The new West Boca store will also be a Supercenter, but not as large as Coconut Creek.

2. You indicate in your last message that the hiring center will open 4-6 months prior to the September opening. But 6 months prior would be in March, and 4 months prior is this month. Can you clarify that?

We still don’t have an exact date for the hiring center to open, but it should be soon. In the meantime, those interested working at the new store can fill out an on-line application.

Although they did not mention it in their answers,
we think this is where you can fill out an online application:
Walmart Online Hiring Center.

3. As I have the details, the West Boca location closed in 2008 and is now reopening roughly 6 years later. In that time Walmart spent roughly $700K in property tax on the location. Can you offer any insight into the business decision-making that went into spending that amount on a closed store? In the same vein, what led to the decision to reopen it? Were there demographic or economic changes in the community that influenced the decision?

The Boca Location is a good one, and we have always intended to re-open this store. A small Supercenter at this location will offer customers the convenience and affordable prices they are looking for.

4. The Coconut Creek location carries ammunition and hunting gear, but no actual firearms. Will the West Boca location also offer those items, and will it sell firearms?

The new West Boca store will NOT carry firearms. It will carry ammunition.

5. Do you think the new West Boca store will reduce business volume at the Coconut Creek store, and if so, by how much?

We expect both stores to do well and would not speculate on the volume of business at either location.

6. We’ve read about Walmart implementing new technologies in some stores to serve customers better. Are there any particular new technologies that will be offered in the new store that are not presently offered in Coconut Creek?

Except for size, the two stores will be similar in the features they offer to customers.

7. A lot of our readers (including myself) are happy about this store reopening because it’s a hassle to drive to the Coconut Creek store and we don’t like the parking lot setup. Had you heard that from West Boca customers and did that play a role in the decision to reopen?

Yes. It is clear that our customers are looking for shopping opportunities that are both affordable and convenient. The new West Boca store will offer easy access and significant savings to many in the area.

The image below shows the location where the West Boca Walmart will be reopening.

Author: Warren Redlich

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