Review of House of Dog – Boca Raton

Update: See bottom for a brief note about our return visit and concerns about pricing of kid combos.
We saw it coming – West Boca is now home to a new hot dog joint. House of Dog is open in the Shops at Boca Grove, on the west side of Powerline between Glades and Palmetto Park. We had lunch there today and enjoyed it.

This is a new location for a small chain that started as House of Dog Miami. The restaurant is in an outbuilding that used to house Boardwalk Burgers. The yellow arrow below points to the spot.
You can see the long side of it in the image at the top. Here’s a picture showing what it looks like on the side facing Powerline.
As dog owners (the canine variety) we appreciate outdoor seating and they have plenty. Some of the tables have covers for shade but they might not do much on a rainy day. Some people might also benefit from knowing how to raise your dogs bowl so larger dogs can enjoy eating alongside their owners with our outdoor seating.
The interior is long and narrow. Unfortunately we had poor photo skills and did not get any good shots. It looked comfortable.
As for the food, some of our readers will be happy to hear that it’s kosher. If you’re not into kosher, that won’t bother you at all. We don’t keep kosher and we liked it.
The most prominent item on the menu is hot dogs, but there are other choices including burgers, wraps, deli sandwiches and schnitzel, along with some sides and appetizers. Also key is the selection of craft beers. The photo isn’t great but here’s the beer cooler:
There are a few kinds of dogs with a wide range of sauces and toppings, and a number of specialty combinations you can try. And there’s a kids menu too.
One of us had a classic dog with mustard and banana peppers.
We also had a Jack Daniels dog with mustard. Both dogs came on pretzel buns that were nice and soft. The dogs themselves had good texture and flavor.
For sides we also got cole slaw, which was creamy and served in a dog bowl, and “Belgian fries” which were just fine.
belgian-friesOverall it was a good meal. The hot dogs start at $5 with simple sauces and toppings for 30 cents or 50 cents. Others cost more and the specialty combos can add up. We will definitely be back again to try something different.
Update: Be careful and watch the pricing. We went back, one adult and two small kids. With tip it was almost $50. The kid’s chicken finger combo was $9 each and that doesn’t include a drink.
The loaded hot dog was great though. Chipotle dog with the Clint Eastwood toppings, plus “bacon” (kosher).


Author: Warren Redlich

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