Video: The Publix Prostitution Sting

We contacted the Sheriff and requested video from the arrests in the Sandalfoot Publix prostitution sting. Earlier we posted more details from the undercover prostitution operation.
There was some initial resistance over “active investigations.” The Sheriff’s office finally agreed to release the video to us from the case of Ruben Colon, whose case is already resolved and thus no longer active. We’re not thrilled with what they gave us as it’s very short:

It’s hard to hear on the video what police claim to have happened in the probable cause affidavit:
It sounds like they’ve obscured the undercover officer’s voice so we only hear clipped statements by the defendant. We do hear him saying something that sounds like it might be $15 for fun sex and everything.
On the bright side for Mr. Colon, he negotiated the best bargain. Others agreed to as much as $100.
West Boca News is not satisfied with this disclosure from the Sheriff. We understand obscuring the image of the undercover officer, and in fact we voluntarily obscured the names of all officers involved. The video of the incident has to be longer than the 50 seconds shown here. In addition, we learned that another of the defendants has resolved his case with “pre-trial diversion.” That video should now be made available as well.
If and when we find out more, we will let our readers know.

Author: Warren Redlich

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