Villa Rosano Review

We’d heard mostly good things about Villa Rosano from friends, and kept saying we should try it. Then they had a perfect “zero violations” in our restaurant inspection report. That pushed us over the top and we had dinner there last night.

Villa Rosano is located between Tempura House and Brendy’s in The Reserve, the plaza on the southeast corner of 441 and Clint Moore. They do not take reservations but they do have a half hour call ahead setup (561-470-0112) which worked well for us.

It’s a pleasant interior. At first glance it doesn’t seem that big but then you realize there’s more space in the back. They’ve also done a good job with acoustics – there were a lot of people but it didn’t seem loud. There’s also some outdoor seating.
The food was very good. We started with a large Caesar salad mostly consumed by the three kids in our party. Even the picky youngest one had some and liked it. They got to it before we could get picture so here’s a close up of what they missed. It was a very large salad that could serve three or four adults.

The kids shared two cheese pizzas. Our waiter helpfully stopped us from ordering three. He was very attentive and the service from all the staff was outstanding. Hot bread was on the table when we sat down, a nice touch.

The cheese and sauce were just right. I thought the crust was a little chewy but the kids ate it up.
My regular companion had the lasagne and she loved it.

I had the Spinach Fettuccine Rosano, which came with two large prawns and chicken. At first it seemed a little bland but the savory flavor grew on me as the meal progressed.

This was a great meal. Every dish was good and the portions were huge. It’s not cheap but it was worth it.
While we enjoyed it, we have heard negatives from one of our neighbors. And our friends at Worst Pizza did not like it.

Author: Warren Redlich

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