Blue Agave: Mexican Coming to Parkland

We were in Waterway Shoppes about a week ago and noticed something that will soon replace the closed Edo Sushi Buffet. Waterway Shoppes is just south of West Boca on the west side 441 at Loxahatchee Road. Perhaps the best known place there is The Whale.

Based on our research we think the incoming Blue Agave Mexican restaurant is related to Casa Tequila in Wellington. We haven’t been to Casa Tequila, but they have reasonably good ratings on Urban Spoon, Yelp and Trip Advisor. That place also has a nice review in The Dark Forest.
We see a couple of web addresses for the new place. Blue Agave Florida is working but inaccurate (wrong zip code, wrong phone, and incorrectly says the place is open; and Blue Agave of Parkland (not working yet). The lunch menu on the former looks good, with fajitas for only $8.95.
We did get some pictures inside as well. The bar area is on the left as you walk in.
The dining area is on the right side and extends far into the back of the space.
And we also got a peek at a drinks menu.
We hope to visit when it opens and give it a try. We’ve tried to find out when it might open and have no answers yet. We think they might be bogged down in Parkland’s planning process.

Author: Warren Redlich

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