Late June Restaurant Inspections

Six restaurants in West Boca were inspected in the past couple weeks, and none of them did poorly. We are also covering inspections in the rest of Boca and also some in Delray Beach, Parkland and Coconut Creek.
Starting with the good news here in West Boca, Hurricane Grill in Mission Bay (pictured at top) had only 2 violations with one rated “high priority,” involving hand washing. This is something we see frequently in inspections and if the only thing the inspector picks up is one employee not washing their hands at one moment, that’s pretty good. We reviewed them a couple years ago and go there about once a month. We were there a few days ago with several West Boca Chamber members watching a USA soccer game.
The new Brooklyn Water Bagel on Powerline had only 2 violations, though both were rated high priority. One of those was for lack of documentation on some smoked salmon, which was then discarded. We’re wondering if undocumented salmon will become an issue in the 2016 presidential race, with some arguing they should get in line and stop trying to sneak into the country.
Carrabba’s on SW 18th at Powerline had a complaint inspection which found 3 violations with one high priority involving hand washing.
Original Pancake House in Somerset Shoppes (Glades & Lyons) had only 3 minor violations.
Slightly worse were the Old World Sausage Factory with 6 violations including 2 high priority. We think this is for the food truck in front of Lowe’s at Palmetto and 441, though the address on file is in East Boca.
Last of the six in West Boca, Boon’s Asian Bistro in Boca Greens had 8 violations with 2 high priority, related to food storage issues. That was the worst of West Boca and looking over the details nothing we saw were issues that would bother us.

East Boca

Some of the East Boca restaurants had perfect inspections, including Cafe Jimbom and Kasi on Yamato, Hotdog-opolis on Federal Highway (we’ve been meaning to try that place), Mi Casita Mexican and Pita Principle on Palmetto Park just west of Dixie, and the Boca Breakfast & Lunch Club on SE Mizner. The new Sapphire Indian Cuisine on Via de Palma also had a perfect inspection, following on the 7 minor violations in their licensing inspection.
Near perfect were Basilic Vietnamese Grill and M.E.A.T. Eatery and Taproom, both on Federal Highway, each with 3 minor violations.
Things got slightly worse on Holland Drive, where More than Subs had 5 violations with 3 high priority related to temperatures and food storage. Alexander Event Catering had 6 violations with 2 serious ones dealing with food storage.
On Federal Highway near Hotdog-opolis, Duck King had 8 violations with 2 high priority, mentioned a couple of live flies. A little further down Federal, Bella Nonna Pizzeria had 5 violations with 2 high priority. Some violations were noted as repeats, and a follow-up will be required. The biggest number in East Boca was Gluttonous Goat, but it wasn’t that bad with 9 violations and 2 labeled high priority that don’t seem that serious. One had to do with chlorine levels in the dishwasher and the other was about a vacuum breaker.

Delray Beach

The biggest number in this report was for the popular Grand Tavern on Linton in Delray Beach. The inspector found a total of 27 violations, 7 of them serious including insects, food temperature and storage issues. Three of the seven were something about a Clorox bottle in the wrong place and that seemed like overkill. A follow-up inspection will be required.
Two other bad inspections were for Excell Restaurant with 13 violations and 6 high priority, and Puccini’s Pizzeria with 11 and 4. Both faced stop-sale orders on some items and have to have follow-up inspections.
Bagel Tree on Atlantic had 13 violations but only 1 serious – moldy tomatoes that were discarded. They had a previous inspection 5 days earlier with 23 total violations. Bagels with Deli on Federal Highway had 12 violations with 3 high priority involving food temperatures and storage, and will need a follow-up inspection.
In the middle of the pack were Hunan Garden on Linton with 7 violations, 4 of them serious and relating to food storage. However, no follow-up is required. La Cigale Meditteranean on SE 5th also had 7 violations with 3 serious, including insects and then there was this one that did not make sense to us:

Toxic substance/chemical stored by or with food… the water bottle ,liqueur bottle in bar

We’re not sure why it’s wrong to have a liqueur bottle in the bar.
On the bright side there were a number of perfect or near-perfect inspections in Delray. The perfect list includes: El Camino Mexican, Garden of Vegan, Lilo’s, Tramonti, an Arby’s, a Subway, Brule Gourmet Market and Papas Tapas. Dunkin’ Donuts on Jog just missed perfect with one minor violation.
Giveness Caribbean was also perfect, though they’ve had problems in the past with rodent droppings.
To the south of West Boca, Bagels with Deli in Parkland (441 by the Starbucks) had only one minor violation. In Coconut Creek the McDonald’s on 441 at Wiles had a perfect inspection but that was a follow-up from one with 9 violations including 2 high priority. There’s a new “Salads & Juice Bar” nearby that had its licensing inspection – 6 violations with 1 high-priority for a problem with a vacuum breaker.
Sublicious on 441 near Johnson & Holmberg had only 2 minor violations. The Subway on Hillsboro had only 3 minor violations. La Brasa on Hillsboro had 3 violations with one serious one involving fish not having had “parasite destruction” (or it not being documented). A follow-up is required and that’s twice in a row.
The Rotelli’s on Hillsboro at Lyons had 12 violations but all were minor. The nearby Dunkin’ Donuts had 9 mostly minor violations. One of the two serious ones involved a female employee touching her face and then touching food without washing her hands. It’s hard to tell from the report where on her face she touched but it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Finally, Dairy Queen on Lyons at Johnson had 4 violation with only one rated high priority.

Author: Warren Redlich

Warren Redlich is a real estate agent and an attorney. He focuses on selling homes in West Boca Raton. Call or text Warren at 561-536-3645. Warren is also a tech YouTuber covering Tesla, SpaceX and more. His YouTube channel is and he sells Elon Musk related t-shirts and other merchadise at Warren also publishes videos about politics at