Peggy Rowe-Linn: Judge Candidate

We had the pleasure this morning to meet Peggy Rowe-Linn, a candidate for Circuit Court Judge in Palm Beach County. The election is on August 26th and there are two other candidates on the ballot for the seat in “Group 30.” We previously wrote about Jessica Ticktin, who is running for a different seat.
Ms. Rowe-Linn grew up in West Palm Beach and runs her own law practice there focusing on family law, Peggy Rowe-Linn, P.A. We had a pleasant and wide-ranging conversation. She struck me as open-minded and very experienced as an attorney.
She is board-certified in marital and family law, a status that some consider a sign of expertise, ethics and civility. While we don’t think it’s that important, it is a positive sign. In a long career she has also touched on just about every other area of law she might encounter in Circuit Court. That kind of breadth can also be helpful.
One thing we look for in a lawyer is story-telling ability. If you’re not good at telling stories, how are you going to talk to juries? And if you don’t have any stories, you haven’t really been in court that much. Ms. Rowe-Linn is great in this area. It’s obvious she’s been in a lot of courtrooms and dealt with a lot of clients, judges and lawyers.
Rowe-Linn is loaded with other credentials including memberships in various bar associations, community service, awards and honors. She does real pro bono work to help people in need rather than buy her way out of it.
We’ve reached out to the other two candidates in the race, and will be happy to interview them if they’d like. Judicial races aren’t always interesting but it looks like we’ll have two campaigns this year that could provide a bit more drama.

Author: Warren Redlich

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