Mother-Daughter Felony Shoplifting?

Two women were arrested Saturday night accused of felony shoplifting at or near the Town Center Mall. The reported address of the incident fits with Macy’s.
Per the Sheriff’s blotter, Valbuena Greeny (64) and Talavera Grenny (45) were charged with the same offenses and booked one minute apart. Both have the same reported address off Del Prado Circle north of Palmetto Park Road. The Boca Police blotter says the two “were arrested for shoplifting and possession of a countermeasure device after they stole $900.40 worth of clothing.”
Living at the same address with ages 19 years apart suggests they may be mother and daughter, or perhaps some other family relationship. They were released on bond early Sunday morning.
Their cases are assigned to different judges but both are scheduled for the state to file charges by October 2nd. We see no criminal history for either of them.

Author: Warren Redlich

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