Update on Westwinds of Boca

We have reported on the project at Westwinds of Boca. This is the construction at the southeast corner of Glades & 441, in the same plaza as Home Depot and Publix. Our most recent update was about two weeks ago.
Well now we have something more reliable. We called the property management company and they got back to us. What’s going in is a small multi-tenant building with just short of 17,000 square feet. There will be five tenants. Two have executed contracts – VisionWorks and European Wax. There are three others but those contracts have not been completed yet. Rumors of a steakhouse or a drug store are apparently incorrect.
What they’re doing is not as big as we thought it would be. The Walgreens being built in Shadowood will be about the same size and that’s just one store.
Since people keep asking us, we asked and got an answer. There is nothing happening yet with the old Denny’s in Westwinds. They are working on finding a new tenant.

Author: Warren Redlich

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