West Boca Man Arrested for Fourth DUI?

Darren Hazzon (45) of Villa San Remo (Lyons south of Clint Moore) was arrested late last night on a DUI charge we don’t often see: “4th or Subsequent Offense.”
It takes a lot of work to pick up four or more DUIs. Mr. Hazzon may be on his way to that Hall of Shame.
We researched his record as best we could. Back in 2001 he was arrested for DUI causing injury in Palm Beach County. However that case resulted in a “wet reckless” with the DUI charge being dropped. That generally doesn’t count as a prior DUI offense.
We found three incidents in the Tampa area. The image below is from an unreliable website that posts arrest information.
We checked the official court records. They show DUI arrests in 2007 and 2010, but the 2011 incident does not appear to have been a real DUI arrest.
The 2007 case was resolved with a “no-contest” plea in 2008, with probation and a license suspension.
The 2010 case was resolved again with a no-contest plea. His license was supposedly suspended for five years.
The 2011 case (refusing to submit to a balance test) was dropped by prosecutors:
So far we only count two prior DUI convictions. It may be that Mr. Hazzon has other ones out there but we haven’t found them yet. What’s puzzling is how he was not charged with driving on a suspended license on the 2011 incident or this most recent incident.

Author: Warren Redlich

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