Yamato Village Center Sold?

Yamato Village Center was reportedly sold for $6.5 million dollars recently. The plaza is located on the north side of Yamato at Lakeridge, and is best known for Doris Market. The buyer is Boca YVC LLC, a newly formed corporation based in Tamarac and headed up by Michael Janoura of Janoura Realty and Management. We think this is him:
His group purchased it from Dratax, a Pennsylvania corporation.
The property is on the north side of Yamato halfway between 441 and Lyons Road.

This is also a classic example of how some property owners get massive tax breaks. The property appraiser has the 2013 total market value at roughly $3.7M, just over half the sale price. The new 2014 numbers came in since we started writing this article and it’s now up to $3.9M, still far below its actual value. Dratax saved a lot of money at the expense of other taxpayers. We’ll see if the appraiser adjusts the amount for the new owners based on the transaction that just took place.
The transaction was reported by the Sun-Sentinel a few weeks ago. The property appraiser website now confirms the transaction and the deed, prepared by Michael Shapiro of West Boca law firm Shapiro Blasi Wasserman & Gora, P.A., is below:
[gview file=”https://westbocanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/bocavillagecenter-deed.pdf”]

Author: Warren Redlich

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