Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club at City Fish Market

West Boca’s Barry Epstein has a relatively new group he describes as a non-partisan political club, The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club. Barry is in the background of the picture above talking with the speaker from the event on September 10th, Roger Stone.
Stone spoke at length to a small audience that seemed to hang on every word. His main focus was his new book, Nixon’s Secrets.
While this author dislikes Stone (I’m currently suing him), one has to credit him for being a captivating storyteller. The new book follows on Stone’s JFK conspiracy book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ.
The problem with Stone is his long history of lying and deceit. He may tell a good story, but you can never know when he’s being truthful, telling outright lies, or if he even knows or cares what the truth is.
There has been extensive reporting in recent months about Stone’s involvement in apparent corruption in the Broward Sheriff’s Office, from both the Sun Sentinel and Miami’s Channel 10.
When Epstein previously scheduled Stone for a talk regarding his JFK-LBJ book I warned him about Stone’s past, and Epstein didn’t care. Anyone who watches Stone for any length of time struggles to accept one of the sad realities of our political system – that most people not only ignore a person’s dishonesty but embrace it if it’s colorful, interesting, or on their side of the political spectrum.
On the bright side, Epstein’s has created an organization that brings in interesting speakers to West Boca. In May the club hosted the exiled Crown Prince of Iran who spoke to a large audience. Also, City Fish Market put on a nice lunch.

Author: Warren Redlich

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