Olympic Heights or Olympic Heat?

It’s getting hot at Olympic Heights High School. We’ve been getting complaints from a few students and parents about the air conditioning failing repeatedly.

Yes it’s every building we are sweating and people are calling home because of heat exhaustion my name is Alexia Rodgers I am in grade 12 this problem had been going on for the past year and I’m ready to take a stand on this issue. The school doesn’t act on it. It’s about 89 in the buildings.
Yes please quote me and I have others named Gabby Dowzall and Ally Berstein whose phone switched to the temperature sign and died because of the extreme heat. It is very hard for us because we have to stay in dress code and we can’t take our sweaters off because of our tank tops.

A parent contacted us as well:

My daughter called me from Olympic Heights saying the AC is out … I guess its a good thing she has senior privileged, but the others are sweating … She has called me many times saying the AC is out. … My daughter had classes in the 6000, 8000, 1000 buildings and ALL rooms were HOT.

We tried to call the school and were unable to get through. We then called and e-mailed the school district’s media office. So far we have not had any response.
This follows on previous complaints about school buses being very late and leaving kids out in the heat at the bus pickup line.

Author: Warren Redlich

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