Arrest in Mission Bay SWAT Incident?

David Mrofki
David Mrofki

Last night we reported on a large police presence including a SWAT team in Mission Bay. It appears that an arrest was made in conjunction with that incident.
Readers reported to us that this concerned a house on Baybreeze Way, which is just south of Glades and just west of Diego Drive (about a mile west of 441).

The Sheriff’s blotter shows an arrest of an individual with a reported address on Baybreeze Way.
We see no criminal history for David Mrofki (59) in the three county area, other than a couple of minor traffic tickets in Broward from 1999 and 2005. If it’s the same guy, he’s worked in sales and marketing in healthcare/information-technology for many years.
David Mrofki - Professional
David Mrofki – Professional

The address reported for him shows in county records as owned by a woman with a different last name who works in insurance sales.
The charge against Mr. Mrofki is “aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony.” It’s a 3rd-degree felony – that’s the lowest level of felonies. He had a court appearance scheduled for this morning with Judge Kelley at the Gun Club court facility (next to the jail in West Palm Beach). Court records do not yet show the results of that appearance. Despite reports of him being armed, he was not charged on the “with a deadly weapon” version of the offense. We suspect that this case will resolve without significant jail time, though Mr. Mrofki remains in custody at this writing.

Author: Warren Redlich

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