Stella's Pizzeria in Boca Greens

Update: Since our original review Stella’s has become our go-to place for pizza. And they have freshened the interior making it a pleasant sit-down restaurant as well. They have a full array of Italian entrees for eat-in, take-out or delivery.
We keep hearing about Stella’s Pizzeria in Boca Greens. It was reviewed several years ago by our friend at Worst Pizza. We finally got around to trying it and we liked it. When we were there the other day Gina was our server and she was quite friendly and energetic.
I had a lunch combo with a slice of pizza and a half a meatball parm sub. Being a meat lover, I added pepperoni and sausage:
The pizza was the best part of the meal. It was excellent. The crust was as Worst Pizza described it – crispy but not burnt. For me the cheese, sauce and toppings all went well together and it was just right. One of the best slices I’ve had in a while.
The meatball parm sub was good.
My companion had the baked ziti lunch and liked it. She thought the sauce was good and it came with plenty of cheese.
We both liked the garlic rolls:
A few days later we had some friends over and ordered two pizzas from Stella’s. The large cheese pie was popular and went fast. The small meat lovers was good, but not quite as good as that pepperoni and sausage slice I had at the restaurant.
Stella’s is in Boca Greens Plaza on the west side of 441 between Glades and Yamato.

Author: Warren Redlich

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