SWAT Raid in Meadow Lakes?

New Update: Mr. Parry has apparently been released and had these comments in response:

Update: We’ve learned that the SWAT incident did not involve Mr. Parry, but rather was for a misdemeanor domestic assault in Meadow Lakes.
A number of readers contacted us about a SWAT raid in the Meadow Lakes community yesterday. We can’t be certain that it’s related, but Troy Parry (20) was arrested for felony battery and his reported address is very close to Meadow Lakes in the Emerald Bay Club apartments at Boca Entrada. Both communities are on the west side of 441 just north of the county line.
The precise nature of the charge against Mr. Parry and other details are unclear. The sheriff’s blotter indicates:
The court records shows the charge as felony battery under §784.041(1), which is:

(1) A person commits felony battery if he or she:
(a) Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other; and
(b) Causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement.

The strangulation charge is listed under subsection 2 of the statute, so it probably does not apply here.
Also, the sheriff’s blotter shows the arresting agency as PBSO (Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office). But the court record indicates the arresting agency as Boca Raton PD. It also indicates the alleged battery occurred on October 25th (Saturday). The case was filed on Tuesday and a warrant was issued.
Parry, an Olympic Heights graduate, has a mostly clean record. All we see is a few traffic tickets and an “open container” incident in Deerfield Beach earlier this month.
Why the SWAT team? We don’t have the underlying paperwork to know, but we have some guesses. Maybe it’s because the police were scared of him because he’s in great shape, has a tattoo, and is friends with black people?
In response to comments on Facebook about that last line, we now include this: SARCASM ALERT!
If you don’t get it read Radley Balko’s book.

Or maybe it’s his Twitter post from the day before his arrest:

Author: Warren Redlich

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