Casa Tequila: Review

Tonight we visited the new Casa Tequila for dinner and we enjoyed it. They’ve been open for about a week, and there are still a few details to firm up (like a sign on the front), but they’re up and running.
The interior has a lot of space. To the right as you enter is a bar area with tables and a couple of TVs showing sports.
To the left is the main dining area:
Booths are comfortable for four people, but no more than that in the area we were sitting.
The staff were friendly and helpful. Our waitress suggested we get the dip sampler to go with the chips, and it was a good suggestion. The cheese dip was good. It had a hint of some kind of pepper, possibly jalapeño, but only a hint.
We liked the dips, but two of the three items in it come with some of the entrees, so it may be unnecessary for most people.
Before that came we were served a basket of chips with two salsas. The red bowl was spicy and the black bowl was mild. Both were very good. Even though we got two sets of chips, they were all gone before the entrees came.
Kids meals are a great deal at only $4.50. The cheese quesadillas were very good with lots of cheese.
The kid’s enchilada dinner was a lot of food for that price.
One of the adults had a combo platter with beef tacos and a chicken enchilada. The ground beef was well seasoned but not spicy, which was appreciated by the person who ordered it.
The other adult in our party had the fajita trio, with steak, chicken and shrimp. The four large shrimp were the best of that combo – next time we go we’ll just get the shrimp fajitas. It comes with the usual set of accompaniments.
The fajitas were the most expensive dish we ordered at $15.99, a dollar more than the usual fajitas because it came with three meats. Altogether with drinks and including the unnecessary appetizer dips, the total was under $60 for four of us.
Keep in mind that there is another fairly new Mexican restaurant just south of West Boca on 441. Blue Agave is also an option. I liked their steak better at Blue Agave, but the shrimp at Casa Tequila is excellent. Both are good choices and choosing between them is a matter of personal tastes and location.
Casa Tequila is in Lakeside Center on the southwest corner of Glades and Boca Rio. The restaurant is on the far west end of the plaza, facing Glades Road and the International Jewelers Exchange.

Author: Warren Redlich

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