Heartless Driver in West Boca

From a reader in Mission Bay
Although this story is about me and my tragic loss, it could really about you and your pet. I live in a gated community in West Boca, am a professional, respect others, try to do good and follow the golden rule. My community is just like many others in West Boca, some with drivers who respect the fact that this is a community made up of families with children and pets and others who couldn’t care less.
On Friday at 5:25pm, I could have been killed. I wasn’t but my little 2 year old 10 pound Maltipoo was. Who would do such a thing? I was walking my puppy on a leash. My community doesn’t have sidewalks so I was walking on the very edge of the road, as I always do. My other dog, a seven year old Yorkie was on her leash on the other side of me. It wasn’t raining. It was still sunny at 5:25pm.
The woman who so carelessly hit my puppy drove to her house, just a few houses down from mine. She opened her garage door, drove in, and then closed the door behind her. I, on the other hand, was running as fast as I could with my one dog on her leash and my crushed dog in my arms. I was screaming.
Unfortunately, no one was anywhere around. As I ran, I felt the life leave my little puppy. Thank goodness my son was home. He wrapped up the puppy in a towel and we headed to the emergency pet center. I was hoping beyond hope that he could be saved but in my heart, I knew that his injuries were too severe.
I called the police and reported this woman. The deputy took a report and let me know that dogs aren’t people and that this was an accident. Legally I do understand this but I was very shocked. Such preventable violence stunned me. The deputy went to talk to this woman and she came over to my house without being invited to tell me that she didn’t see me or my dogs.
REALLY???? I think this was the absolute worse part of this whole horror. She DID see me, she KNEW what she did and she never stopped to help. What kind of a woman is this???
On many occasions I have seen this woman driving around the neighborhood and have made the hand gesture to her to, “slow down”. Our neighbors have done the same thing to her but she just doesn’t listen. The whole point of this story is to say to everyone, please drive carefully in your neighborhoods.
So, you will get home 15 seconds later. So, you will leave your community 15 seconds later. This time the victim was my sweet innocent puppy, but, it could have been me, or you, or your pet or your child.

Author: Warren Redlich

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