Wild House Party: West Boca High's Nick DeSalvo Arrested

Update: The Sun-Sentinel has more details on this story.
“Desalvo … told deputies he was lonely with his parents out of town and people came over for a party.” A neighbor complained about a fight, dozens of cars parked on the street and yelling. Youths dropped bottles and cups. More bottles and spilled booze were found at the house. Deputies found two people with injuries.
West Boca News notes that the injuries as reported by police may not be sufficient to support the higher level charge mentioned in the original article.

West Boca High grad Nick DeSalvo (19) was arrested early Saturday morning after what must have been one heck of a house party. DeSalvo’s reported address is in the Boca Winds development.
We previously reported on DeSalvo’s arrest a year ago for numerous counts of arson for setting cars on fire. Court records show that was resolved with probation, which has now been reopened due to the new charge.
The new house party charge involves minors with alcohol and is filed as a misdemeanor. Ordinarily it would not be that serious, but having an incident like this can create substantial problems for someone on probation. There is some indication of a serious injury as a result of the house party or caused by a minor who became intoxicated at the house party, but it’s not clear from the available records.
Court records show that DeSalvo was “released on recognizance” on the new charge. However the Sheriff’s blotter shows he remains in custody, and he is probably being held due to the violation of probation.

Author: Warren Redlich

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