Oh No: My Froyo! – Yogurt Robbery

Update (December 12): Alleged Robber has been arrested. Wesley Hostzclaw (56) of Delray Beach was arrested.
Mr. Hostzclaw has a serious criminal history including a murder charge back in 1975 and multiple drug felonies in 1991. The digital records are unclear about what finally happened with the murder in the 1970s, though one aspect of that case made it to the Florida Supreme Court in 1977. Court records from the 1991 cases indicate he was sentenced to 15 years in state prison for those. Looking deeper we see the following footnote in a recent case:

Hostzclaw was charged in five separate cases (L.T. case nos. 91-6476, 91-7274, 91-10053, 91-10081, and 91-10523) with a total of nine counts of the sale and possession of cocaine. On November 25, 1991, he accepted a plea agreement, pursuant to which he was to receive a sentence of either 15 years in prison if he appeared for sentencing after a 72-hour furlough, or 170 years, as a habitual felony offender, if he failed to do so.   He failed to appear for sentencing and, on March 2, 1992, he was sentenced to 170 years in prison as a habitual felony offender.

Since he was sentenced to 170 years (???) per a 2010 case, it’s unclear why he was out of prison in 2014, though perhaps they ultimately honored the 15 year sentence and he had some credit time. Corrections records show he was released in January of this year, and show further detail on his history, though it does not show the 1975 murder.
The Sun-Sentinel reports that he had a fake plastic gun in his possession in his car, as well as sunglasses that allegedly match the security camera photo. They also mention some criminal history in Georgia but we can’t find anything on that.

Our original story is below.
From Boca PD:

At approximately 2:30pm on Wednesday, December 10th, a person walked into ECO Yogurt at 1200 West Yamato Road pointed a gun at the clerk, demanding money.  The clerk handed the suspect an undetermined amount of cash. Boca Raton Police officers responded within two minutes, but the suspect had already fled from the scene.
If anyone has any information about this case, please call Detective Jeffrey Stepp at 561-620-6196 or Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS
Black Male 6 feet tall 40 years old Partial Bald head Dirty white shirt Blue jean shorts Black Nike sneakers with white swoosh Aviator sunglasses


The Eco Yogurt Lounge on Yamato near Miller’s Ale House was robbed earlier this afternoon at gunpoint, according to Liz Ruotolo.
We are hoping to get more details soon, but for now Ms. Ruotolo’s photos and what she heard are what we have. Ms. Ruotolo is one of our most avid readers and an occasional contributor we appreciate very much.
Another reader saw this police alert around 3:30 pm:

Police Activity in the area of Yamato/Broken Sound; Avoid the area and if you see anyone Suspicious Do not approach Dial 9-1-1.

And we see that on BRPD’s Twitter account as well:
Eco is on the south side of Yamato east of Military Trail, across from Broken Sound:


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